Essay on Synthetic Biology

Various state-of-the-art tools, devices, etc for SynBio DNA synthesis Synthesis method Synthesized DNA assembly Synthesis fidelity and/or error correction Part assembly and/or Biobrick Protein engineering Catalytic enzyme engineering for activity and/or specificity, etc. Protein engineering case study Metabolic engineering Pathway engineering Tool or method for pathway construction Pathway engineering case study Genetic circuit design Method (even individual method) Application case study Cell reprogramming Computational protein design Computational strain design Microbial consortia 2 Tool for genome synthesis Gene editing tool 2. Applications Biofuel Environment and bioremediation Biosensor Water (SynBio in water treatment, this has very practical significance in Singapore) Soil Air Biomaterials Biosynthesis Biodegradation Bio-design Pharmaceuticals and drug development Chemicals (like value added chemicals) 3. Perspective Semi-Synthetic minimal cells Transforming synthetic biology with cell-free system Synthetic ecosystems Synthetic biology and biosecurity

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