essay on Mao Zedong’s life

Most Important Requirements: Use a lot of sources from the book by Jonathan Spence, and ONLY use the provided sources. No other sources are allowed in this essay. THANK YOU!! I can pay for the book if you guys don’t have any copies, just let me know.

Develop a thesis (your argument, your interpretation) which allows you to evaluate some aspect of Mao’s life, thinking, and/or contribution within the context of the social, political, and cultural history of modern China. Part of your assignment is to show your knowledge of this period by presenting a synthetic analysis of materials relevant to your thesis. Each student historian will use at least three sources. Of course, you can use more than three!

You can ONLY use the sources provided, no other sources is allowed. The sources are:
1. This should be the main source (30% – 40% of the total sources used), Jonathan Spence’s Mao Zedong: A Life

2. one essay from Mao’s Selected Works or one set of quotations from the Quotations of Chairman Mao (The Little Red Book). Both of these primary sources can be found here:

3. 1. another primary source from #2 above, “To Live” directed by Zhang Yimou, J. Wasserstrom’s “China in the 21st Century,” writings on the Three Ways of Thinking, information from student group presentations, Yu Hua’s essays, OR anything we have used for the class. If you use interpretations presented by your professor, you should include her name and dates of lectures in your bibliography and citations. The discussion questions below should be useful to you in narrowing down your focus. You should not do outside research for this paper. I do not want you to find papers and articles on Mao (of which there are many). Spend your time honing your thesis, analysis, and written presentation. Your interpretations are important, but you must always provide evidence to substantiate them.

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