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Academic success has always been my core lifetime interest. This scholarship application therefore comes in handy and critical in determining my future. I have several reasons that informed my application for a scholarship to attend your college. Since childhood, I harbored interest in attending a reputable college where I could pursue higher education in sciences. I felt that the dream to become a renowned scientist would be achieved mainly through in-depth teaching and practical lessons that your college offers.

I believe I am all round student and therefore competent to successfully take up a course in the STEM field. I have a balanced ability that constitutes physical fitness and mental competency. I am a “B” student in academic performance and an athletic that plays football and lacrosse. I have gained significant social exposure through volunteer programs for special Olympic at youth outreach with my team. In fact, I am a certified member of the young life. In that regard, I possess requisite physical fitness that is instrumental in adding towards my gainful contribution to the college should I secure the scholarship.

The increasing debate on the role of STEM technology in the contemporary society is one key motivation to my application for the scholarship. I believe in delivering service to humanity through a well-researched study. As an ardent supporter to evidence-based research, the scholarship will provide me with the opportunity to explore greater scientific facts that are important in navigating the STEM field. In essence, I plan to blend my athletic talent with academic performance to enhance the prospects of a better future career.

I am also the first in my family to attend college and therefore look forward to set a good example to my other siblings. This scholarship holds key to my life and provides me with a leverage to compete favorably in the field of STEM research.


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