Engineering and Construction

Finance and Accounting

Compose your essay draft. Please include the following information on your first page:
Your first and last name
Professor’s last name/course number
Title of draft

Save your draft as a separate document in .DOC., .DOCX, or .RTF file format. Include your topic keyword within the filename.

WHAT: Write a 2-page memorandum (memo) addressed to your course instructor as its intended audience. In the memo, explain your plans—and the strategies you anticipate using—for the construction of the upcoming Recommendation Report.

HOW: The final draft of this assignment must contain the following:
 A standard memo heading section that contains To, From, Subject, Date.
 An introduction that clearly states why the memo has been written and what topic the memo will discuss. This is an overview section and usually not more than two or three sentences in length.
 Body paragraphs that explain exactly what you want to say regarding the topic.
o A Description of the problem or challenge that will be identified and researched in your
Recommendation Report and why the problem/challenge is important to address.
o Objective of your upcoming Recommendation Report (i.e.: What should your audience
know and do/change as a result of your Recommendation Report?)
o Information (researched evidence) you will need to gather to support your
recommendations in the Recommendation Report, where you anticipate finding your research information, and how you will use or analyze the information. (Do not conduct any research for this memo assignment, just describe your research plans.)
o Targeted audience for your Recommendation Report (e.g.: your boss, a community organization, etc.) and how you anticipate the audience’s needs shaping the way the Recommendation Report will be written and which details will be included. Consider your intended audience’s position(s) in the organization, any opposition you might anticipate toward your recommendation, and the demands, pressures, and expectations (financial, social, political, personal, etc.) that your audience might encounter as a result of your recommendation.
 A conclusion that tells the next step(s) in the development of your Recommendation Report and when the next step(s) will commence, and who will be responsible for the next step(s). This section will probably be a single paragraph in length.

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