Executive summary

Contemporary business practice emphasizes strategic competitive strategies. In the case of EMR, innovation takes center stage in realizing sustainable success in the motor vehicle industry. Market research that seeks to establish demand gaps is seen as critical in EMR success plan. Setting up a RV repair garage would offer a creative approach to establish the mechanical flaws that customized RV’s experience. In the context of this business venture, marketing strategy plays a central role. Development of Lock-Awn Anti-Billowing Device offered EMR a head start in exploring the potential target market. Focusing on customer tastes and preferences is always the benchmark of selling a new product as in the case of EMR. In that regard, Eric and Mary identified target market, employed customer feedback system that would help in meeting the demand gaps. Such an approach is the basis of formulating SWOT analysis for the company and significantly boosted the prospect of larger market size for EMR. Marketing promotion and channel of distribution is determinate in EMR’s success prospects. In the case of Eric and Mary, seeking the services of Workampers group would significantly boost its market trend management and effect changes to meet diversity. Besides, use of brochures and oral interaction with customers offers firsthand information on changes required in a given product and this seems to feasible in the case of EMR. Distribution through retailers as in the case of EMR is equally efficient and effective is sustainable product supply. They Reynolds also have prosperity secret in innovative application of the 4ps’.

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