1. Introduction of Elsalvador
  1. Name of the state
  2. Political paties
  3. Political parties
  1. Government structure
  1. Discussion of governance system of El-salvador
  1. Electoral process
  2. Electoral system
  3. Electoral irregularities and corruption








Annotated Bibliography

Birdsall, N., Vaishnav, M., & Center for Global Development. (2006). Short of the goal: U.S. policy and poorly performing states. Washington, D.C: Center for Global Development.

From the this work it is evident that El Salvador’s election authorities resolved to skip the traditional preliminary vote count and went ahead straight to the final vote count following a number of technical mishaps.

Yearbook of the United Nations, 2005. (2003). Place of publication not identified: United Nations.

According to this aricle, the voting mishaps and delays made the candidates of ruling Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) together with the Nationalist Republican Alliance (ARENA), the main opposition party to announce officially victories in major legislative and mayoral races. These delays fueled suspicions and stroke harsh criticism toward the voting authority of the country; the Supreme Electoral Tribute (TSE). TSE had failed in all the tests that regarded the vote counting. This situation was even viewed by the human rights community to be serious and regrettable.


According to the article, Substantial evidence that linked the candidate of the ruling party to terrorist groups, narcotraffickers, and violent street gangs. Furthermore, foreign interference that involved billions of dollars gave the ruling party the upper hand and it is also believed these monies were also used to manipulating the electoral body.



In this article, Corruption cannot be ruled out in the context of Eel Salvador given the fact that evidence even emerged against the country’s ex-president Mauricio Funes of misusing the funds that were donated by Taiwan to help the country. Before the announcement of the final of voting result, there were a number of revisions to the results that gave the final total. These numbers were much higher as compared to the preliminaries totals. ARENA had evidence of fraud by the ruling party in collaboration with the electoral body though they never shared their proof with the public. They claimed that more than 20,000 FMLN poll workers actually voted two times on Sunday.

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