What was the most effective group (or team) that you have been a member of? What made that group (or team) so effective?

Groups and teams keep on playing a key role in the behavior and performance of organizations. This is because the advancement in technologies offer organizations the capacity to utilize virtual groups or teams that may have individuals from anywhere in the world because of the increasing globalization (DuBrin, 2012). A group or a team refers to individuals that have complementary skills who are tasked with working towards a common mission, and performance goals for which they are mutually accountable. I have been a member of many groups or teams so far, but the most effective one that I have been a member of was a class discussion group. It was the most effective group because it had a high level of group cohesion, clear mission and purpose, a flexible status structure and a well-understood norms and standard of conduct (DuBrin, 2012).

The group was successful because there were effective communication methods for both the team members and the leader. Good communication enabled everyone to be kept in the loop about everything and therefore there was no any misunderstanding (DuBrin, 2012). Another thing that made the group effective was effective empowerment of the members by the leader as everyone was allowed to air their views. This because in an effort to be diverse, the group was able to stick together by following both implied and stated group norms (DuBrin, 2012). In addition, the group had effective task and maintenance functions which helped in completing the team’s work effectively. The clear mission and purpose enabled the group members to become loyal to the team members as well as psychologically intimate with each other thus enabling us to complete the group project effectively.

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