The United States and the rest of the world have recently heightened border protection in the wake of increased terrorism and other economic crimes. The devastating attack of 9/11 in the US promoted immediate legal reforms and institutional roles’ adjustments. The threat of terrorism and increasing drug trafficking through Mexican border with the US prompted Customs and Border Protection (CBP) inclusion in internal security department. Immigrants’ infiltration pose terrorism threat and acts as the channel through which drugs and other contraband goods are smuggled in and out of US (Adomi,2011). All the socio-economic problems that are experienced in the US are deemed to be as result of undocumented immigrants hence the priority of border control.

In the context of border control, the enemy is defined as any person, group or nation that breach internal security laws and foreign policies. These enemies therefore include immigrants without legal document, drug traffickers, smugglers and sympathizers of the above listed entities. Border protection help in preventing smuggling of goods which affects economy through unfair competition against local firms (Adomi,2011). Besides, drug trafficking is health and social problem contributor in the US which calls for stringent border control measures. Illegal immigrants shows higher probability of engaging in illegal activities and although terrorism is top on the list of the threat they pose, economic costs are equally high.

Border control enforce is critical in containing illegal trade and smuggling of goods without health and safety checks. Increased border control has influence in reducing drug related crimes in the US and protects citizens from terrorism. In the recent past, the number of criminal activities associated with drug abuse is on the rise. Besides, the mental health of such drug users is affected and this reflects of retarded productivity of the people. The recent spate of terrorism attack as experienced in France and the emerging immigrants’ influx into the US presents undefined amount of risk in as far as internal security is concerned (Adomi,2011). It is therefore worth to note that since the legal and economic policy reforms that including additional border control mandate by customs border protection unit that previously concentrated on tax revenue collection.

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