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Online marketing has become a critical tool to promote product brand, get more clients, and remain competitive in the market. Attracting customers online is a tricky exercise considering the existing technologies. The electronic media has become the best alternative to reach many clients within the shortest time using limited resources. However, there are emerging challenges that put marketers and firms in difficult situation. Although online market is large, catching the attention of millions of potential customers require creative and critical thinking.

Active participation in social media is a sure way to win many customers. It offers a platform to undertake well-researched and deeply informed marketing strategy. In fact, one is able to engage prospective customers, retain existing ones, and collect key data in as far as the tastes of the customers are concerned. It is worth to note that participation in social media provides the marketer with ample opportunity to target specific consumer group based on their behavior. Social media interaction makes one to listen to the needs of the customers, analyses their views to identify demand gaps, contribute to build on the ideas of the customers towards customization of products and improvement of a brand (Odden, 2012). Real conversations with clients build trust and confidence in a prospective client. Besides, the need to know more makes new customers desire for more and effectively expand the market size. Direct engagement through social media makes the customers feel like part of the business and promote referrals. The creativity developed overtime through active participation in social media strengthens individual competency and prepares one to use few but catchy words to get the attention of a potential customer. Active participation in media provides instant feedback which is instrumental to prove the reliability of the seller’s brand.

Many people want to talk to the seller for accurate information. In that regard, active participation in social media enhances chances of catching the attention of just any other person searching for specific information in the social media. Social media capture the entire demographic structure of the society hence effective in exposing oneself to the different market segments.

Various online concepts are used to lure customers. However, pop ups are the most common attention grabbers. They are effective attention grabbers but equally counterproductive. The timing and content of the pop up is a critical factor (Hill  & Jones,2013). The underlying reality is that sometimes one is searching for important information online and just as he/she is in a hurry a pop up obstructs the content on page. It tends to bore and instead of the visual attention expected of it, they impatiently wait to skip it or remove it. In that regard, the effect is counterproductive to what it was initially meant for. Pop up may be effective but in most cases end up targeting wrong audience or target customers. Despite efforts to entice potential buyers, most of the offended people develop outright hatred towards the product and simply brush it away. Using pop up as an additional marketing strategy is not sustainable and reliable. However, it may be used in widely dispersed market with negligible social media attention.

Marketing in the contemporary world has gone digital and competition for the limited market is on the rise. Any marketing strategy must emphasize the need to attack unexploited market. I would therefore prefer active participation in social media but not include pop ups.








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