Dynamics of Leadership

Leadership is a journey and not a decision, and one needs to be prepared for the unexpected detours and the expected obstacles. One must be equipped to handle all that may lie ahead of them, and therefore one must have the right direction, the right equipment, and the right guide to ensure that their leadership effectiveness and success (Vecchio, 2007). Leadership requires individuals to have the required focus, energy, vision and commitment in the organizations because the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of a leader are mirrored throughout their policy, personnel and business culture (Vecchio, 2007). A leader should be able to look at the way his/her character creates the state of being as well as the effects of their choices. The limitations of leaders are always the limits to the organization’s growth, and they should ensure that they build new paths to organizational and personal excellence by using new perspectives as well as character evolution skills.  An effective leader needs to focus, engage, actualize and synchronize the organization’s total energy and move them to another level of potential (Vecchio, 2007).

Other dynamics of leadership includes leveraging diversity because understanding gender differences help in leading more effectively. Also, a leader needs to create alliances by understanding their landscape as this will help in creating synergies and sustainable competitive advantage which are crucial to the organization’s growth (Vecchio, 2007). Besides, an extraordinary leader needs to focus on positive change so as to increase organization’s efficiency. A true measure of true leadership is found in the individuals developed and not in an individual, and therefore leaders should emphasize employee training and development. Finally, leadership is a process and not a position and hence a dynamic leader should yearn for daily growth such as more knowledge, experience as well as improve their leadership skill set (Vecchio, 2007).

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