It is evident that deaths that are caused by drug overdose in the United States have been on a steady increase among young adults and teens in the recent times, and this is the reason I decided to pick this topic. According to a recent report, in one out of three states, it has been established that the rates are either tripling or quadrupling. Deaths that are caused by drug overdose have doubled in the previous decade among individuals who are aged 12 to 25 (Babor, T. 2010). This is something that we cannot sit back and do nothing about it.

It has been established that these deaths are mostly caused by the America’s epidemic of prescription drug abuse, as well as a subsequent increase in the use of heroin. These two epidemics are directly responsible for the recent increase in the number of deaths because of a drug overdose. Statistics also indicates that these deaths are not uniform across the nation as there are specific pockets in the nation where more deaths are being recorded. For example, drug overdoses are highest in West Virginia (more than the country’s average), while lowest rates are recorded in North Dakota. Again, it is more unlikely for women to die of a drug overdose as men. OxyContin and Vicodin which are prescription painkillers are responsible for not less than 50% of the deaths due to overdose. Since it is less costly and mostly easy to get heroin, a lot of young individuals who have an addiction to prescription drugs end up switching to it (Nguyen, Anne Lauren. 2014).

Young individuals aged 19 – 25 are specifically at the peril of fatal overdose. According to the National overdose fatal rate for this age group is 12.7% for every 100000 people. This is far past deaths that are because of overdose among the children aged 12 – 18, which is 1.6%.

It is important that the healthcare to support this article since these statistics indicates that there should be a timely drug intervention that will make it possible to stop children from becoming exposed to drugs and likely becoming addicted. There is a very good opportunity when the kids are still in school, during their early teen years. When this is done, by the time that they are in their older age, it will be more unlikely for them to use drugs. These figures also indicate that there are some loopholes in the present substance abuse policies. These policies are currently aimed at children in high school because more than 90% of the people who abuse drugs begin doing so before they reach 18 (Page, et al. 2010). However, once the young adults are through with the system of education and begin making their decisions, they are more likely to fall in the drug abuse trap.

Drug abuse greatly affects the healthcare business as these businesses are increasingly feeling the negative effects of drug abuse in the country. Deaths that arise from drug overdose are costly to the healthcare business in America. It has been established through surveys and reports that these deaths have detrimental consequences on the productivity of healthcare businesses and competitiveness. These deaths make the healthcare look as if they are not good enough at what they do, and this makes people to begin not having enough faith in their services, and they may as well resolve not to go to seek medical attention at all for the fear of losing their lives.

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