Downloading Copyrighted Music is Unethical

Downloading of copyrighted music has been made much easier for because internet is easily accessible and fast and is there for all to use. However, it is important for people, especially students, to ask themselves what is the ethicality that is associated with downloading copyrighted music? When a person has the opportunity of downloading an entire album for free, rather than purchasing it at market-value from the available digital media stores, should he/she do so? The fact that you have an internet connection at your disposal at all times and that you were brought up knowing that internet is there for you, as is the case for Pen State students, it is unethical to download copyrighted music.

Copyright is the only thing that protects any kind of original work, including music, from being duplicated and distributed wrongly. A good instance when copyright is violated is when copyrighted music is illegally downloaded and shared. Individuals who have their music copyrighted are protected by certain laws. In Zernike essay, students are of the view that it does not make much sense for them to buy CD when it is very easy and free when they get it from the internet. The bottom-line is that it is illegal to download copyrighted music. Obtaining material that has been copyrighted without permission is not just illegal, but it is also morally wrong. It is pointed out in the essay that many people especially students nowadays download copyrighted music off the internet rather than buying CDs. When people opt to downloading, this affects the economy. The government will not be able to the very much needed revenue that is usually generated from taxing the sales of CDs and this may greatly affect its operations and service delivery to the general public at large because of personal interest of unethical people.

By deciding to download copyrighted music, you have basically decided to rob the musician of their livelihood. The music they make is their source of income and by obtaining their material for free, it implies that people use them in order to satisfy their personal desires. It is good to acknowledge the fact that the very same artists that people rob and like listening to have to make money from their work so that it can be possible for them to continue producing more songs. This shows that musicians are treated as means rather than ends. It is a must for moral actions that people are treated as ends and not just as means.

The purposes of intellectual property rights laws are to protect musicians from economic abuse and theft. These laws ensure that it is possible for the artists to continue doing their work. For the society’s goodness to be maintained, individual citizens have no choice but to respect the rules and laws that are there. Therefore, people must obey the laws that are there against downloading music illegally. When one steals from artists, it inhibits the working classes from functioning properly. This violates the society’s and individual justice, since the offender’s reason is ruled by his/her appetites and it will be impossible for the artist to produce more goods. By breaking the laws, people forsake the ruler’s wisdom, and thus the harmony of their society. Without harmony, wisdom, and justice, the actions of an individual cannot be good.

In conclusion, it is clear that downloading the copyrighted music is unethical since it robs off the artist what is rightfully theirs, it affects the economy and it is against the laws and this can result to disharmony in the society. To do away with this bad habit, it is important that the law enforcing agents come up with strict measures and those who will be found downloading to face the full force of law. Colleges should also make the consequences faced by those found downloading unbearable than to just deny them internet connection.

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