Donnie Brasco

Pistone, Joseph D, and Richard Woodley. Donnie Brasco: My Undercover Life in the Mafia : a True Story. London: Hodder, 2006. Print.


The film Donnie Brasco offers first person experience of an FBI special agent in feigning criminal background to succeed in an undercover operation of eliminating the dreaded New York mafioso. Critical evaluation of this text explores the tactical approach and role of social background in a successful recruitment into the Mafia. It is worth noting from Brasco’s narration that the underworld operation is organized with a strict hierarchy of authority and skilled ability to protect its members from exposure to security agencies (Pistone, et al.36). Besides, as Brasco put it, infiltrating mafia require intense grilling to ascertain one’s competence and genuine identity.

The book explains through the narration of Brasco that organized crime has deep and extensive network that only insiders can understand. In fact, the book explores FBI’s futile efforts to understand and uproot the Mafia until the idea of undercover struck. Besides, Brasco claims that his success in recruitment and concealment of cop identity is attributed to previous involvement with another criminal group in Florida. Such background check shows how Mafia is organized with unrivaled competency vetting.

In-depth research study on Mafia shows significant Italian and Russian involvement hence the success of Brasco when his biography indicated Italian decency. Although the entire world deals with the excesses of Mafia, their origin is much established in Italians and Russians as supported by Pistone’s work (Pistone, et al.52). Although the network is currently wide, the strict adherence to the chain of command has made succession look more like a monarchy.

The closer interpersonal relationship and strong emotional attachment explains the level of loyalty and perpetuity of Mafia. As the book explains, Brasco enters the Mafia as undercover but progressively develop a strong friendship with the Mafia leader. The result is a dilemma of whether to protect his friend and quit his mission or complete the assignment and torture his conscience by turning to a friend. This confession emphasizes the dimension and magnitude of social bond in organized crime embers. The book is vivid in its description and offers an insight into the concepts that explain Mafia infiltration challenges to security agencies.


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