The plight of disadvantaged in the society is paramount and, therefore, calls upon the participation of all of us to help them find their place in the society. In the bid to top realize this, there is the likelihood of opposition. Therefore,  a good leader is needed to ensure that Home group is constructed so as to accommodate the eight mentally ill persons in Heartsville. This paper seeks to explain some of the strategies that I as the Chief Executive Officer of Careforyou, Inc., will use to ensure that group home is established for these physically challenged. Similarly, I have showed case some of the challenges that we, as a group is likely to meet amidst executing our plans.

Team building

A proper team is needed so as to ensure that Careforyou execute its strategic goals. Furthermore, the expected opposition from the members of the community, media, chamber of commerce and real estate have to be dealt with in a proper way so that they can allow the project to be laid. As the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, I have to make it clear to my team that Heartsville is economically unstable, and they will probably oppose the idea. However as a team we will have to ensure that the society and its stakeholders are convinced that establishing a group home for the mentally ill adults is so imperative (Whetten,2014,pg.44). I would begin by selecting a constructive team that can help in selling my idea. I will ensure that my team includes strong persons from the social and this other body that are likely to oppose my ideas. With this, I will be able to indirectly prevent the likelihood of the oppose.  Similarly, I will build a strong relationship with the members of the group. I will do this by scheduling a regular meeting by this member so that we plan on how we can convince the members of the society to accept our idea. Together as a team, we will create a collaborative goals with the well defined mission and vision. After defining the missions and visions of the group, as a leader, I will engage my team members so as to sell the idea to the public by showing them the benefits of the group home to the physically challenged. As the chief officer, I will ensure that we share the vision and the mission of the project with the team members and with the community so that they can feel that they own the project and their contributions count(Whetten,2014,pg.45).  Furthermore, I will ensure that the team members take an active role in the decision-making process of the group. This will install a bride in the members of the team. Moreover, it will act as a motivating factor in the driving the actions of the group.

Identification of the challenges

Heartsville community is economically challenged. Therefore, there are high chances that they will not welcome the building of the group home for the physically challenged if in any case they are not convinced that the project ids for the benefit of the society.  One of the open challenges, therefore, is winning the trust of the local, media, chamber of commerce, real estate community so that they can welcome the idea (Whetten, 2014, pg.94). Another challenge is how the message is going to be communicated to the public. It is a challenge because the group may not know how the expected opposing parties are going to react towards the set plan. They may view the project as of no value to them, and. Therefore, they need a good team to put the strategies and the benefits of the home group to the society. Additionally, Careforyou, Inc. may not know the best time to make a communication to the local now that the mortgage application is still pending. Processing the mortgage application before the locals are made aware of their plans could be disastrous on the other hand, informing the locals before the purchases are done may done cold be amount to a problem because they may the organization may not predict whether the community can use this avenue to block their chances of executing their plans (Whetten,2014,pg.104).

Moreover, there is a possibility that the ideas can be positively welcome by the local, media, chamber of commerce, real estate community, however, there future reactions towards the project is unpredictable. For that matter, therefore,  as the CEO of the organization, I will have to carry out a feasibility study on the viability of the group. The society, including the media, may later on turn against the home group (Whetten, 2014, pg.154). Therefore, there is a need to the future outcome. Another, challenge that is likely to face Careforyou Inc. is getting a proper team that will work together with the CEO to ensure that the home is built, and the disadvantaged get their position in the society.


Growing solution to the problem

Since the community’s hostile reaction towards the intended project is something that expected, there should be structured problem-solving solution to this problem. The solution to these problems should be programmed since this problem is also programmed in nature. Therefore, elaborated below is a comprehensive discussion on the growing solutions to the problems.

Foremost, creating awareness and educating the local inhabitants of this locality about the plight of the physically challenged in the society and importance of caring for them is much important for the success of this project (Whetten, 2014, pg.168). There is the need to inform the general public on the importance of caring for the physically challenged persons in our midst. The organization will organize some seminars to help in discussing and creating awareness about disability. Such seminars, awareness creation campaigns should always include all the members of the society regardless of race, gender, and age.  There will be an explicit discussion covering the entire concept of disability and if possible some disable members of the very society should act as testimony that indeed these people need our help. This a matter of concern and if these procedures are followed, it will be appealing to the members of this society, and they will stop their hostility towards the project.

There will be a structured social benefits plan to the society.   This is an economically challenged town that will consider the construction of nonprofit making organizations, like this home of the disable, as a wrong priority (Whetten, 2014, pg.174). Truth be told, this is a society that need much more of the developmental and business oriented organization in their midst that a mere home of the disable.   This will, therefore, call for a comprehensive layout of the ways to make the society accept the project (Whetten,2014,pg.194). One of the major social benefits that will help in atoning the wrath of these people is the provision of some basic social amenities like medical services and water to the society. Again, there will be a plan to improve the infrastructure in the region. Regarding infrastructure, we will work towards making constructing some roads to the place. These could be done before the construction of the real project so as to create rapport with this community (Whetten, 2014, pg.294). During such construction, we will ensure that the local inhabitants of this locality are the ones employed to perform all possible tasks in the scene.

Provision of such basic things like water to the local inhabitants of this locality is another bait that they will never fail to byte. Being an economically challenged town,  provision of water to the immediate inhabitants of this locality will make then gain some loyalty to the project and will in return allow for the construction of the home of the disable in their midst(Whetten,2014,pg.384).  However, provision of water to the entire town may be difficult and more expensive to such an organization but still the management of the project will work in line with the relevant authority to help in improving the welfare of the local inhabitants. The same will apply when it comes to improvement of infrastructure, working hand in hand with the government to improve infrastructure in the region will work wonders (Whetten,2014,pg.334). However, in as much as we may need the assistance of the local authorities and the and the government, the whole tasks should stand out that we as the organization participated in these activities. These will help in winning the hearts and souls of these persons and will ease our task.


The media will be involved in capturing all these activities right from the time of commencement. Media will help very much in developing the publicity of the organization before construction of the home.

Plan to build the home

Identification of the most suitable locality to build the home remains the most basic part when it comes to the accomplishment of the desired dream of building the disabled home. The identification of the locality has been done, and the plans of purchasing the pieced of land are underway, we must appreciate the fact that this is the most vital step (Whetten,2014,pg.404).

Once the acquisition of the place of construction is done, what follow is the fulfillment of the provision of the social benefits to the community. We will work towards creating a rapport with the local people. If possible, we will incorporate the awareness creation at this stage to help in facilitate the ease of committing ourselves to our plans (Whetten, 2014, pg.444). This stage is also engaged in allocation of tasks to the appropriate personnel to ensure that there is flow of activities, and orderliness manner. This will help in eradicating unnecessary wastage of time and reduction of time wastage.

Besides, committing ourselves to the construction of the home will follow. We will ensure that we construct the home in accordance to the standard regulations.

The recommended persons (the physically challenged) will then be picked and homed in the built home. The entire place will be placed under proper management.


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