What is the difference between scholarly database and a website? How do you know if a website is credible?

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Generally, in the professional or academic setting, it is normally imperative to deliver precise and accurate scholarly information that is well supported by reliable and credible resources. In addition, advance technology has also brought about rich information and data at our fingertips at a notice of moment using the internet (Badke, 2014). However, the problem only arise when having differentiating through the all the available information that can be easily found through a simple search in the internet. Thus, this paper therefore clearly distinguishes between scholarly database and a website.

To begin, scholarly database is easier to examine since most of them normally have peer reviewed filter or perhaps contain certain credible scholarly literature and both trustworthiness and authority are well guaranteed. Website on the other hand varies at best and is normally difficult to verify. Besides, website cannot be limited to professionals and scholarly literatures. Also, the information provided in the website is seldom controlled or regulated meaning the authority is doubted often. Secondly is the scholarly database usually focuses on certain specific subjects such as business, American history, arts and so on and also adopts certain precise formats as either book review, journals or books which most often denotes more credible and relevant information or data and thus little time is consumed or wasted in handling with a lot of junks. In addition, the information provided are normally trustworthy since most of it comes from legitimate and quality controlled sources thus relevancy is guaranteed whereas website on the other hand most a times lacks subject focus resulting into several case of irrelevant and incredible hints or simple bulky junk to go through during search (Badke, 2014). In addition, most of the web provided information is normally biased or opinionated in nature and therefore unless one is using search engines which are subject-specific, he or she should expect junk of all sorts. Thirdly, in scholarly database, database subject focus normally determines numerous advance search features such as limitation by the type of publication, status or peer-review, document format and language. In fact, the feature list can be as long as the total number of the available databases while website on the other side is known to vary depending on the type of the search engine used, though limited most often. It can be limited by the type of the document as either pdf. or doc. or simply by the language, however limitation by the date of publication, peer reviewed, format and so on is not available (Rubin, & Babbie, 2010).

In order to determine whether a website is credible and can be trusted for referencing, it is important or best that you prudently evaluate the website. Some of the valuable information that should be checked for during the evaluation of a site for credibility includes the audience, authority, biasness, currency and the scope of the information or content of the site (Rubin, & Babbie, 2010). First, when searching through the internet it sometimes proves to be very difficult and also time consuming if the website you are using has the credible information you are intending to look for. During the search, one would first check at the domain which is also referred to as Uniform Resource Locator and finally check out to ensure that it ends in .org. or .gov.  This normally used to denote that the website is officially published by an authorized governmental agency or other legalized organizations. The URL ending in .com denotes commercial or personal sites that could have been published by any individual or organization.


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