Developmental Aspects of Group Counseling

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I harbor significant interest in group psychology and that informs my choice of this video. As an aspiring manager, I believe in team work hence emphasize the importance of group development which Rex Stockton discusses in this video. The video provide vivid explanation on the topic of group counseling, stages, and leadership. The critical role of group counseling in sustainable cohesion and understanding among members over time puts this video relevant. The presentation involves active discussion on the important aspects of leadership as the group begins. Transition of the group to other stages up to termination is a function of good leadership otherwise the set goals may not be achieved.

The presentation provides me with important knowledge on how to tackle emotional reaction. As an individual one must control emotional expression under various circumstances considering the effect it may have on others. Ability to control one’s emotions is an important interpersonal and intrapersonal tool in group leadership. The video presentation on emotional reaction is interesting, informative and inspiring.

The key points I learnt from the video constitute; role of emotional reaction in group leadership, stages of group development and the input of a leader for a smooth transition and termination, concepts of group development, and group psychology.

As a practicing psychology student and an aspiring leader, the video impart important knowledge that I plan to put into use through progressive emotional reaction management, learning about the various stages of my study team and encouraging cohesion.



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