deforestation in amazon

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history essay about deforestation in amazon rain-forest

History 105—Research Paper


[NOTE: This file is available in the Research Project Module in Canvas]


**You cannot submit a Research Paper if you do not complete the LRAs and Meeting with Instructor.


Research Paper Outcomes

For the Research Paper, you:

  • Identified a contemporary issue in the world with pre-twenty first century historical roots.
  • Developed information literacy skills in researching for reliable sources (especially scholarly journal articles, secondary book, and primary) to investigate those historical roots.
  • Analyzed critically those sources to recognize diverse perspectives.
  • Integrated those sources into the chronological evolution of the issue to today.
  • Expressed your interpretation of the historical roots of the chosen contemporary issue in a research paper that observes standard academic conventions and Chicago Notes and Bibliography citation style.




The Research Paper culminates this course and thus serves as your final exam. Your research paper topic relates to at least one of the themes covered in this course: Humans and the Environment (Climate Change), Roots of Inequality (Gender), Diverse Ways of Thinking (Capitalism vs Socialism), Our Shrinking World (Globalization), and Roots of Contemporary Conflicts. Your topic is a contemporary issue with historical roots that is neither limited to the United States nor to the last 20 years. Thus your paper analyzes the historical roots of that non-US issue stretching back into the 20th century if not earlier and incorporates diverse perspectives into the final analysis.


Each of the Library Research Assignments builds the foundation for this paper. Those LRAs result in your defining a research topic through the process of formulating research questions, recognizing diverse perspectives, constructing the thesis statement, and identifying a minimum of SEVEN reliable sources among which at least two are scholarly journal articles, at least two are secondary source books, and at least two are primary sources.


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