“A Day without Electronic Media”

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From a firsthand experience, a day without electronic media appears much longer and extremely boring. Cellphone is particularly an integral part of life and just a few minutes without it can be disastrous. However, I had a whole day completely separated with my cellphone and I always recount the experience. I always plan to attend various social events on Saturday and the cellphone is one technology that is instrumental in co-ordination and eventual realization of such activities. I use it to make calls, browse internet, listen to latest music, download movies, and many other essential information needs. In fact, my life like many other people is virtually inseparable with cellphone. However, one Saturday when I decided to leave my cellphone technology I had a memorable experience.

On one Saturday a fun day scheduled to take place in distant college arboretum carried my feelings and kept my spirit high. I planned to try leaving my cellphone and going about the day’s event without the technology. I wanted to try doing without cellphone technology and noting the difference it could made in my life. On arrival to the meeting point, our team leader apparently looked agitated as he had made several calls to phone and I could not pick I explained that I had mistakenly forgot to carry my phone with me due to haste. I consoled myself that although the phone is important, the fun will cover up the day for me before I return back home. However, just as we were in the bus, people began to use their phones to browse various subjects to pass time before we could reach our destination. I practically looked hopeless and isolated. I regretted the absence of the phone, but I had no option. A friend realized that I was looking sad and offered to share some social media posts from his phone to keep me engaged. Although it was a sign of relief, it was short-lived as we arrived at the arboretum gate in a few minutes.

The arboretum caretaker welcomed as and gave us a brief history of the place, expected code of conduct, and limits of exploration. Just as the caretaker wound up and we were to enter, he suggested we use our cellphones to do internet search for the functions and nature of arboretum. It was another surprising embarrassment for me as people got glued on the cellphone screens as I remained stranded with nothing to use. Although the session was brief, I felt empty inside and began to develop cold feet towards the much awaited event. As we walked into the arboretum, people began to take photos of various features and once again, I missed as I did not have my cellphone to do the same and send via social media as others did. Instead, I decided to join the team leader in organizing program line just to pass time. I tried and succeeded in taking the leading role in various fun activities such as singing, clapping hands, and other activities in an effort to replace the need of cellphone during the day. I was wrong, selfie photos and internet were in high demand and again I found myself in an indifferent emotional state. Now began to believe that the day would be a hell for me as cellphone was used virtually in all aspects of the event.

I managed to hold my feelings but no long before my cousin called a friend to notify me that there was an important text in my phone. I was emotionally ravaged as I could not concentrate for the remaining part of the day out of constant anxiety. It was clear that I had also missed several calls and my parents might have begun to think about my whereabouts. In fact in the evening, my mother tried to reach our team leader who assured her that I was safe but had left my phone mistakenly. She sounded mad at me and felt a sharp anger cut through me, but I could do nothing. I was completely worked up and practically sat down a few meters from the fun ground to reflect on my ordeal without the phone. I felt that the day was wasted as I could not carry anything of my own to prove that I once attended the event. With the phone I would have taken photos, recorded activities, and shared several aspects of the fun day with family members via Facebook uploads, twitter among others.

It was time to leave the arboretum and this capped it all. It was my lowest moments with anxiety over important calls and messages I might have possibly missed on the phone. I felt like I should not tell anybody about the event as the absence of the cellphone ruined it all. After twelve hours I got back home and lo! And behold, I had several missed calls, messages and above all felt the wasted times in the arboretum without my cellphone. I concluded that cellphone technology is such a crucial electronic media that is not easy to do without.



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