Cystic Fibrosis

This article Physical exercise training for cystic fibrosis is of the view that physical training actually increases the exercise capacity in individuals with cystic fibrosis. Different studies were conducted for people with a big range of cystic fibrosis lung disease and of different ages. The change of lung function was an outcome that was reported mostly. The studies showed that aerobic capacity was improved mostly by physical exercise training. The lung functions improved as well as health related quality of life. It was however noted that there is a need for longer and high quality studies with very many people as volunteers so as to clearly determine the effects of vital health outcomes in individuals with cystic fibrosis.

I chose this journal article because I wanted to establish the exact benefits that patients with cystic fibrosis stand to gain by training given that exercise is one of the outpatient care that is offered to them. Having learnt that training actually helps in increasing the lungs functions of cystic fibrosis patients since it has positive effects on the aerobic fitness and with no side effect established, I will actively encourage my patients to work out more for longer so that they can also gain from the same. In all my patients’ regular care, there will be some time that will be just dedicated to physical exercise training. The type and duration of training will also be closely monitored so as to get the best out of the training program. At first, the training duration will be for a short duration and less intensity but as their lungs functions and health conditions improve, both of the intensity and duration will be increased gradually so that the patients can fully realize the benefits of working out and this will definitely help them in the fight against cystic fibrosis.

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