Current IT Security Article

The article asserts that Cloud adoption is on the rise at a very fast rate. SaaS applications are what businesses are standardizing on currently. Users have not hesitated to take the advantage of the self-provisioning capabilities enabled by the BYOD and cloud phenomena. As apps, data and users shift to the cloud; it is important to know the impact of the threat surfaces and the new attack opportunities that will come up. Many of the security professionals know the way the traditional data breaches takes place; however, few know how the breach happens in the cloud. The traditional vehicle utilized by insider bad actors or “kill chain” utilized by bad outside actors changes greatly. This becomes a big challenge to the security teams since they are forced to change their approach to identifying and assessing breaches in the new environment.
As assets are moved to the cloud to reach it from anywhere, this borderless environment presents new threat vectors. The initial two threats vectors presented are categorized as insider threat and they are entirely new threat vector. What typically happens is over-sharing because of inadvertent or malicious data extraction. Sharing by the use of cloud applications is a peril that has to be modeled and addressed. Cloud malware is a new threat utilized today as a new form of malware. It is possible for an attacker to deliver the malware through the third party apps and access your data immediately. In the absence of a modern cloud security technology, it will be impossible to detect and trace this type of attack. The last threat is the fact that cloud applications are being attacked through attempts to log in with stolen logins or brute-force password, and this is risky given that cloud apps contain very sensitive data.
It is worth to know that cloud offers a chance for enhanced security. A shared responsibility model is a way to operate in the cloud; the cloud vendor offers the security of the cloud, and the customers offer security in the cloud.

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