Curation Final Assignment

YouTube Copyright

Copyright is said to be one of the most important aspects for the whole YouTube community. Copyright depicts a person creating an original work that is secure in a physical medium. That person, therefore, will automatically own copyright on their work. Hence, the owner of the work gains the exclusive right to use the work in specific ways that are certain. Copyright is subject to particular mechanisms such as Audiovisual works for example movies, online videos, and TV shows. Other comprise of written works that are; articles, lectures, and books. Musical compositions and Sound recordings are also in this category. There are also other visual works such as posters, paintings, and advertisements that are subject to copyright. On the other hand, elements such as facts, processes, ideas or philosophies are not subject to copyright.

Ethical concerns of third party Website YouTube Video downloading

The Ethical aspect of downloading YouTube Videos through third party sites is based on Fair use legal doctrine that states that one can reuse a copyright-protected material under particular circumstances without getting any necessary permission from the right full owner. Therefore, since Google owns YouTube, downloading any YouTube video does not breach the terms of service of Google. It is still not ethical to download YouTube Videos through a third party website or a converter. Within section 5.1 of Google terms and services of YouTube, it states that YouTube grants one the permission to access and use their services subject to one agreeing not to access the content through any other technology other than the video playback pages that belong to the website itself such as YouTube player. Hence not adhering to these terms and services constitutes a breach of terms and services of Google.

In conclusion, for one to gain the eligibility for copyright protection, their work must be both fixed and have creativity in a tangible medium. Titles and Names are not in any manner or by themselves subject to copyright. One is permitted to view YouTube videos only through Google’s website Apps but not through other third party websites.

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