Cruise Ship Industry

Cruise Ship Industry

As a result of environmental pollution of both air and water such as waste they dispose in the sea and the emissions they expel in the water respectively, advanced technology has been utilized in the Cruise ship industry to come up with solutions to the problems whereby they have introduced new waves of ships that are cleaner running than ever before such as the earthly friendly dry cleaning system that has been retrofitted by carnival in the industry which employs environmentally friendly detergents to create a green alternative to traditional dry cleaning (Horc,2008).

Carnival has also launched carnival spirit that features highly efficient diesel-electric propulsion system known as the enviro-engine which is designed to nearly eliminate visible smokestack emissions.  Further research is also being undertaken with Finnish engine-maker NSD may so  yield a diesel electric engine that also eliminates unseen gases, for example carbon dioxide which is a by-product of cruise ship combustion.

The problem of airborne emissions is also being reduced through an alternative engine technology called the General Electric’s gas-turbine system adapted from the same family of engines used to power jets like the Boing 767 which has been embraced for its Radiance class vessels.

With most cruise liners being like mini cities there are several career opportunities such as; General manager hotel also known as the hotel manager, resident manager who is tasked with overseeing the entire operation of a hotel, motel, resort, or cruise ship other than line officers (Colbert,2004).The chief engineer also knows as the director of engineering and building engineer who is tasked with overseeing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection operations. The Deckhand also known as the seaman who performs maintenance duties and operates equipment on the deck of a ship and work on all types of ships from river barges to ocean liners.

The boat pilot also known as canal pilot, river pilot and harbor pilot who guides ships in and out of harbors along rivers, and though straits and other confined water ways.The gentleman host slow known as the Dance host or Ambassador Host who accompanies and dance with guess aboard cruise ships.

Cruise ship industries have developed various marketing strategies such as implementing better customer relations with travel agencies in order to inform potential customers about the services they offer in the cruise liners so as to increase awareness in their markets for example the Royal Caribbean cruise line (The Cruise Travel magazine, 2001).

Some cruise liners have also developed cost effective strategies such us increasing the frequency of advertisements for each destination during destination’s peak season and increasing sales by increasing frequency of advertisements specifically targeted at adults ages 25-54 so as to reach sales goals and gross profit (Dowling, 2006).

The investment in in quality customer service is very essential since it ultimately pays off because services offered by the in the Cruise liners such as, its security promotes the image of the Cruise ship and positively impacts on customer satisfaction. Customer relations is also important since customer commitment increases customer loyalty.

Poor customer service such as poor service quality has had a negative influence on customer satisfaction and loyalty which has led to decreased sales for instance buying behaviors among customers in Cruise ship industries and profits in the cruise ship industry. Hence poor services that yield weaker customer satisfaction that weakens brand commitment and the likelihood of repeat purchase.

Competent communication and information outlay is very important tool for social interaction and, more importantly, for safety at work which if not well disseminated it might affect the decision making process in the ship-board management (Dowling,2006). Especially in ships consisting of multinationals crews from different cultural backgrounds speaking different languages with effective communication abilities facilitate the improvement of the crew’s social life that help in reduction of social isolation which if not eluded might precipitate suicide, depression or addictive behavioral patterns this might also result slow decision making as a results of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

The concept of control entails control regulations which is concern with environmental and policies regulations in the cruise ship of the cruise ship industry which acts as the dominant form of environmental regulations in the industry as a common response to environmental pollution. It requires polluters to meet specific pollution reduction targets and often requires the installation and use of specific types of equipment to reduce emissions (European Environmental Agency, 2004). Moreover, from a management viewpoint it is based on the prescription of rules and standards and the use of sanctions to enforce compliance with them.

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