The research proposal entitled “The effectiveness of online marketing” attempts to find out the best practices which should be adopted by Bs Builder Services. The company is involved in the transport and logistics industry. The major issue being faced by the company being the dwindling sales and returns. The company is also keen on acquiring a wider market share in the international segment. Therefore to mitigate the problem, the writer of the project proposal put forward a solution which he/she believes will do away with the nightmares and the challenges facing the Bs Builder Services. As he/she claims, the problem lies in the marketing segment and specifically the online marketing.
The writer of the project proposal does not give a clear title to the work. The title “The effectiveness of online marketing,” is quite a general title with no specific target population. This therefore does not guide aspiring readers of the work on what the writer is talking about. A well written title should be succinct and the one which communicates all the parameters upon which the research would be carried out. The writer therefore, failed to come up with the most appropriate title in this particular case.
The introductory part of the research proposal on the other hand has some inconsistences. For instance, the writer delved too much in giving us the background information concerning the issue of online marketing. This issue should have been covered in not more than two paragraphs. The connection with the problem affecting the company has also not been well dealt with as a result. However, the use of figures to create the picture of the company’s woes is a strong point and it serves its purpose well and clearly (Saunders, 2016).
The writer has not given a clear profile of Bs Builder Services Company. This is attested to by the lack of the physical address of the company. We are not given the location of the company. Such a vital piece of information should have helped the reader of the research proposal to create a mental picture of the company. Apart from that, we do not know much about the company’s history and the management style. All these have been left out by the writer in spite of the fact that they are very important aspects in developing the research.
The writer has handled the 6W aspect quite well by explaining to us who the Bs Builder Services are, the activities they deal with who they work with in the field and relate with. For instance, the writer mentions such companies like the EECV, EECT among others whom the Bs Builder Services deals with. However, the writer does not explain to us where the said company is located and runs its activities. The reader is left guessing on the whereabouts of this company.
The research question and the research objectives are well linked in the Ishikwa diagram. We see the direct interconnections of the different aspects which require to be dealt with so that the company’s objectives are achieved. This is quite explanatory to the reader of the research proposal as the steps to be undertaken are clearly outlined in the diagram.
The objectives in the research are clearly stated and do not overlap. The writer puts it clearly that the company’s main goal is to get visibility in the online segment. And in doing so they utilize the objective of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) (Sekaran, & Bougie, 2010)
The statement “There are not enough foreign website visitors and number of foreign requests at Bs Builder Services” is an example of a weak point. This is because the point does not explain clearly what determines “enough” visitors to the website. Such a vague point creates a sense of confusion and does not help the reader in any way to understand what the writer is trying to communicate. The writer should have used references or created a comparison upon which a clear picture could have been created. This would have ensured that the weaker points put forward have been strengthened.
The statement “the increased effectiveness of web advertising refers to the correlation between the numbers of visitors the number of requests and the number of orders” is a strong statement. This is simply because we see the idea of the writer come to its completion and the reader is not left in the middle t guess on what happens next. The idea is clearly explained and the modalities upon which the parameters will be tested are clearly put forward. This therefore, meets the standards of a strong point in terms of research.
The theoretical framework has been clearly explained by the writer. The different terms which terms and features which will be dealt with in the research have been clearly elucidated and related to the other components in an organize manner. For instance, the writer explains about the Google Analytics and how it does its functionality in the advertisement sector. The other factors put forward by the writer include the following, Google Ad words and Google Search Engine. The writer establishes a relationship between this facilities and compares their effectiveness at the same time thereby bringing about a clear picture of how the project will be handled best.
The APA format of referencing has also been put into good use in the work. For instance the in text citations have the surname with the year of publication following it with both of them being enclosed by a bracket. The writer has also put a comma in between the surname and the year of publication to create a distinction between the two aspects.
The writer presents a strong point in the literature review section when he/she stating that “an effective marketing strategy can be realized with the combination of the marketing instruments called marketing mix.” The point has been stated conclusively. On the other hand, writer presents a weak point by stating that “This is not an easy job” in reference to B2B mode of product promotion. Such as statement can be termed as a weak because it lacks basis and evidence in terms of research aspects. The writer should have therefore attached evidence detailing why this mode of product promotion is not an easy job as he claims. There is no factual evidence in the document that proves satisfactorily that B2B is not an easy job to do as compared to B2C mode of product promotion (Hair, 2007).
The B2B process as stated is a process which requires a personal touch in order to meet its aim of attaining sales. This therefore necessitates that the best method of conducting this promotion is the one which has more personal touch to it as at the end of it, one will require to get feedback from the prospective customers. Therefore whatever the method the company choses to adopt in this aspect should be one which will involve the customer on a personal level. Such a method can be achieved with the use of Emails. This is because it will give prospective customers a chance to voice their concerns and talk about their tastes concerning the use of the company’s products and services. The exchange of information through this personal selling method can be vital to the company’s decision making too.
The action research design method utilized in the research perfectly complements the questions formulated for this research. This method works perfectly for this research as the people expected to participate in the process have not yet been known. So adopting the action research design is quite appropriate. The research will be carried out on the company’s website where the potential customers will be expected to contact the company. The sales on the hand will be another aspect upon which the research will focus on In order to come to the right conclusion. The threats to validity which would have come as a result of relying on the company’s website has been mitigated or avoided by the use of interviews which will be conducted on the company’s staff and the other experts’ in the field of online marketing. This will guide the research on the right modalities to adopt in terms of analyzing the different aspects contributing to the overall results of the advertisement process.
The referencing part of the research papers has correctly utilized the APA format of referencing. This is quite evident in the layout adopted.
Generally the writer of the research proposal has observed the guidelines necessary for the writing of a good research proposal safe for the few instances mentioned above.

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