Critical Analysis Essay: Media Representations of a Career

Essay Requirements ;
968 WORD essay excluding works cited, Minimum of 2 secondary sources
library catalog or databases
MLA format for presentation (typed, double-spaced, 12-
pt. Times New Roman font, 1”
margins) and source documentation (in-text citations and Works Cited page)

Topic/Theme: Stereotypes:
Identify in media a salient and specific social/cultural stereotype
related to desired career. Stereotypes most often relate to representations of people (therapists) but at times we also have stereotypical representations of place (the
therapist’s office).  ***(On A “SOCIAL WORKER “_please)

***(You will do a cause and effect analysis of a media (mis)representation (see the process
below).****(SOCIAL WORKER)***

career topics ; I am interested in a career in social work, I might look at representations of foster children, welfare recipients, the mentally ill, etc.  You might also consider professional settings
and their depiction in media: e.g. law firms, prisons, advertising firms, etc.

You may also choose to compare and contrast the representation in different time periods
focusing on how the representation has evolved or changed over time.

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