Crisis Communication

The response that Reddit undertook to the crisis that arose after an advertisement was deemed a resemblance of a teakettle used by Adolf Hitler was rather appropriate. The company treated the said similarity with utmost importance and indicated clearly that the result was just a coincidence. In the response, the company decided to take an informal but rather convincing way to support the coincidence. The company noted that if it were all about having an intentional resemblance, they would have used a snowman instead of anything related to the known dictator. By treating the crisis with importance and yet having a moment of a light-note to defend the coincidence, the company succeeded in convincing the people that although from a critical view there is enough evidence to support the resemblance, there was no intention to this. The mention of a snowman in the defense shows proves to the public that there is no relationship between the country and thoughts in the line of politics or anything close to Hitler and a funny resemblance would be easier to think of. If the company had attempted to make formal and rather serious defenses, the conviction would have been less that when it is made funny and informal. Although this defense convinces the readers, it came rather too late when the company had faced the crisis. If this had been made earlier enough, the conviction would be much more appropriate and acceptable.

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