Creating Sport Club within Orphanages

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Orphanages play a significant role in helping the homeless children in the society, under the umbrella of the orphanages’ organization; the institutions have made huge strides in restoring hope to the needy children in various communities. Despite the progress that the organizations have made more support is still needed to create sustainability in these orphanages. Therefore, it is a humble appeal to various community stakeholders, schools committees among others to provide all the support they can to the orphanages. The support can be financial; emotional or morally.

The organizations not only provide shelter to the children but also hope for a better future. Therefore, the communities where the orphanages are located have the responsibility to embrace them as their projects. This will give the children a sense of belonging; they will not feel as if the society has rejected them. Moral and emotional support involves visiting and spending time with them. When people talk to them, they will feel loved, which is essential for their psychological growth. Finance, on the other hand, is important since there are numerous needs, which should be met. Monetary support also improves the orphanages’ capacity to accommodate more children into the program.

Sports club project

The idea is about establishing sports club in the orphanages; it is a project that is aimed at improving the comfort of these homes. The orphanages act as the primary homes for the orphans, therefore there is need to provide them with the comfort of a home. Establishing a sports club is one of the ways of ensuring that the children access leisure activities in these homes. The idea will focus on establishing a gymnasium in the orphanages. This change is expected to improve the services at the orphanages and provide the children with an opportunity to engage in physical activity.

Most homes have access to a fully furnished gymnasium, while others are located within homes, other are within the communities where people can take the time to exercise, this means that most children have access to gymnastics. The project will provide a chance for the children in orphanages to enjoy the same physical exercise services just like children with parents. It is necessary for the children to start physical exercise at young ages so that they can get used to it rather than wait until adulthood (Bird, Smith, & James, 1998). Establishing a gymnasium club in the orphanages is a preliminary step of leading the children towards the process of making healthy choices.


Several factors were taken into consideration when formulation the idea of a sports club in the orphanages. One of the factors was the need for children, physical activity is part of the development of a child, and that cannot only be obtained from ordinary games, but it also needs structures sports club that requires routine engagement. Children living with their parents have the privilege to access such activities; therefore, it was necessary to provide the same service to these children too. Another reason is the availability of recreational services in the orphanages. The majority of the orphanages lack extra curriculum activities such as sports clubs. Therefore, a gap existed that needed to be filled with the idea. Establishing the orphanages will complete the child development requirements at the orphanages.

It is also vital to highlight the benefits of having a sports club in the homes especially gymnastics. As mentioned above, engaging in gymnastic activities is a single step towards making healthy choices; however, it is essential to break it into specific items. The benefits that children can get from engaging in physical activity can be subdivided into mental, emotional, and physical health.

Mental health

Physical exercise is good for mental health in several ways, various studies have concurred with the notion that physical activity has an impact on the functioning of the brain. It assists in stimulating neurons; it also rewires the brain to create better connections that assist it in functioning (Hibbert, 2016). School going children engage in a lot of mental activity in their studies, therefore, it is essential for them to set aside some time and engage in physical exercise to relax and refresh the brain. The activity will shift focus from the brain to other parts of the body.

Physical activity also reduces the possibility of developing any chronic neurological disorders. Children learn cognitive skills more effectively in situations that include the rest of the body as well. The physical movements of the body assist the mind in retaining the information learned. Studies conducted have confirmed that gymnastics and early childhood movement education is directly attributed to the development of neurological pathways in learners hence promotion of reading ability. Learning by doing is one way of grasping the content; therefore, children need more physical activity and less oral learning to grasp more information. When the neurological pathways are well developed, it reduces the chances of succumbing to chronic neurological disorders.

Some researchers conducted a survey involving healthy individuals that were asked to take part in 30 minutes of vigorous exercise. The research was to find out the level of concentration before and after the exercise. The outcome of the study showed that exercise improved an individual’s concentration; it also improves their ability to reason properly (Stidder, & Hayes, 2017). Therefore creating a physical activity Avenue in the orphanages will improve the performance of the children in academic work. Other studies have been able to prove the theory that students who engage in sports are smarter than those who do not participate in any sporting activity.

Physical health

The primary reason for engaging in physical activity is to improve general body health. Physical health assists the body in fighting various conditions and illnesses. One of the common conditions is incidences of heart disease and high blood pressure. Engaging in physical exercise helps in improving the circulation of blood throughout the body, it also helps in elimination of unwanted salts in the body through sweat (Jackson, 2010). The act of sweating helps in cleaning the blood.  It also assists in reducing the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s, an individual inability to involve the body in physical activity creates an opportunity for the cancer-causing virus to enter the body.

Physical activity is also important in helping the body lower the risk of stroke and developing type II diabetes. When one gets involved in physical exercises, he or she gets an opportunity to burn the excess fat in the body; some of the fats are often located in the heart, which increases the risk of stroke. Physical exercise burns the fat hence lowers the risk of stroke. Type two diabetes is caused by excess sugar in the blood, vigorous physical activity especially the when performed using gymnasium equipment consumes a lot of energy. The energy is derived from the sugar stored in the body. Therefore, people who engage in physical exercise reduce the chances of developing the condition.

Children in orphanages need the opportunity to begin engaging in physical activity early enough before they can create a situation where the conditions can occur in their lives. Weight loss and weight maintenance is also an issue. Lack of exercise is the secondary cause of obesity, an improper diet without routine physical exercise leads to gaining weight; therefore, it is essential for children to be exposed to physical exercise at an early age to keep up with weight maintenance activity.

Emotional health

Physical activity is essential for the emotional stability of a child. Emotions are controlled by the mind; therefore, to control them we first need to control the mind, engaging in physical activity is keeps both the body and mind busy and drifts the mind away from thoughts that led to emotional stress. Orphans often go through a lot of stress due to the loss of their parents; therefore, it is important to create an surrounding that accommodates their emotions, in an additional sports club, are necessary to keep the children engage in activity at all times (Morris,  Hardman, & Stensel, 2003). This will keep their minds busy, and therefore, they will not have time to think about the loss all the time.

The gymnastics will also open an opportunity for the children to participate in various competitions during and after the exercise. Such competitions are vital since they enable the children to interact among themselves. Establishing the gymnastic sports club in the orphanages will provide an opportunity for us to help the orphans’ in various ways including, giving presents during charismas, offering monetary donations, and issuing of scholarships to the students (Price, 2013). However, it is vital, to begin with improving the services at the orphanages.


The idea of establishing a gymnasium in the orphanage schools means that mechanisms must be put in place to guide on how the children will use the facility. One of the techniques will be to create several activities that will support learning and physical activity at the same time. Based on the population of the orphanage, a schedule will be drawn on how the students will access the gymnastic sports club.

Methods and costs

Establishing the gymnastic requires resources, therefore money must be raised to create and maintain the gymnasium. Several techniques have been proposed to facilitate the financial requirements of the project. One of the major sources of funding for the project is the creation of new activities that will assist the planning team to raise funds for the project. One of the activities is visiting other gymnasiums and asking for donations. Visiting these places will require the preparation of a proposal that includes the budget for the project; this will give the donors an idea the expected amount.

Another activity that will assist in creating the gymnasium sports club is through organizations of special festivals where the orphans can display their talents to raise money. Such festivals can include competitions in various activities where the public will be invited to provide the audience, the committee will charge a small fee for entrance, and all the proceeds from the festival will go towards the project. The project also intends to collaborate with other stakeholders and well-wishers to help facilitate its success.

In addition to the gymnastic, the project also expects to organize exchange programs for the students in the orphanage. The program will enable the students to get opportunities to study abroad and interact with students from all over the world. All the programs contained in the project are aimed towards improving the welfare of the orphans. International exposure is critical to the development of networks.

Once the students are trained, there is a special program to assist the students in getting internships with various firms. Orphans do not have equal opportunities for other children who may have their parents vouch for them to get employment; the program will ensure that upon successful completion of their studies they are facilitated to get an internship in various firms. Volunteer positions will also be offered to them in the program.

In conclusion, physical activity is essential for the development of children, apart from studies, they require recreational activities, and gymnastic sports club is one of the activities that is proposed for the orphanages. The benefits of gymnasium range from mental, physical, and emotional health. The sports club will improve the comfort of their stay at the orphanages. The idea helps to improve the services that the orphans access hence they feel loved and equal to other children.


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