contract security guards and proprietary security guards

What is the difference between contract security guards and proprietary security guards?


Each and every organization has an intention of progression. As organizations tend to grow, they develop loyalty; they gain assets as well as value. All the assets acquired by these organizations and offices have value. Definitely, these organizations will require security links and protection to deter vandalism, destruction and theft.

Who is a Proprietary security guard?

A Proprietary security guard is a type of security guard that is employed by the business owner of a single or independent company. This security guard is accompanied with responsibilities of hiring, firing as well as management. (Fay, Page, 105)

Who is a Contract security guard?

A Contract security guard is a type of security guard that is deployed following his/her professionalism.  He delivers its services to different companies.

The differences between Proprietary security guards and Contract security guards based on;   Cost

The cost of hiring a Proprietary security guard is more expensive since the company in charge will be paying higher wages following the benefits delivered by experienced personnel who monitors every corner of that specific company. On the other hand, the cost of hiring a contract security guard will tend to be lower since the uniforms; sick leave as well as training benefits are covered by the service and being that there are not full time and all time workers.


Proprietary security guards are easy to deal with, as they definitely feel more loyal to a specific company, they feel very comfortable with a particular environment and have opportunities of growing and building up their work promotions. On the other hand, Contract security guards are slightly difficult to deal with, they deliver their services to more than one company, and they are not loyal to a particular company.  The Contract security guards are exposed to different kinds of environment, focusing on building up their promotions is a long process since it will have to go through the different companies they tend to serve at once. This can expose a company to security problems incase more strange workers are added on a leave out period.


A proprietary security guard is effective for daily security organizations depending on the type of the security a company requires. For a company that needs to be micromanaged on daily security, Proprietary security best fits. On the other hand, a Contract security guard does not secure any place in daily security organizations, they work under contract, and they belong to different companies. They cannot satisfy to the full capacity the daily security organizations.


A Proprietary security guard goes under training that is linked to the specific needs of the organization. This is significantly to familiarize them with the layout of a building and identify as well as recognize individuals getting in and out of offices. On the other hand, a Contract security guard is not given the opportunity to familiarize themselves with other employees as this might disrupt their loyalty, commitment as well as performance.


When an organization makes a decision to employ a Proprietary security guard, the organization is fully responsible for taking relevant measures relating the background checks The company also ensure the Proprietary security guard they want to employ has gone through proper training and possesses skills to handle a job of great magnitude as such. On the other hand, when an organization decides to employ a Contract security guard, the Contract security guard does not worry about training, background checks or recruitment. All these are taken care of by that firm. (Demsey, Page, 62)

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