Explain Tomlinson’s theory of an emerging global unicity. Do you find his argument compelling? Why or why not?

The increasing cultural convergence across the world explores the influence of globalization in contemporary society. Increased technological sophistication, faster and cheaper transport system and micro-processor in communication facilitate interactions over long geographical distances. Tomlinson’s theory explores the emerging socio-economic and political homogeneity that is slowly defining people from different countries share common ideas. The word globe itself emphasizes a unit and therefore points towards the emerging ideological consensus across geographical boundaries of countries. The increased interdependence in trade means people agree on common terms which in turn influence uniform practices. Besides, Tomlinson’s theory explains the upward trend in social networking with Twitter, Facebook among other social media drawing people closer in terms of knowledge gap (Tomlinson, 2013).

The spirit of capitalism and push for democracy has gained much mileage in the world leading to an increasingly similar political and economic policy. In this respect, global unicity is a reality and Tomlinson’s theory is an observed reality. The assertion of the theory that the global cultural trend is closing on uniformity is evident in the whelming rate of information sharing and overrated media use in various industries. In the contemporary world, a meeting may be held a thousand kilometers away but through live stream, teleconferencing among others, one will feel like physically in attendance. Increased rail network, efficiency in flights and improved road links across the world has eased cost of transport and reduced flight duration. IN that respect, people readily explore cross boundary cultures, learn tolerance, exchange ideas and gradually move towards one way of doing things. For instance, in the fashion industry, spread of information is fast and dress code almost explosively homogeneous (Tomlinson,2013). Multinationals are spread all over the world with one core values that transform global culture to a uniform one. It is therefore worth to note the compelling truth in Tomlinson’s theory of global unicity.

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