Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure

Healthy people, 2020 has identified various illness and conditions and set objectives for ten years. It is aimed at improving the health of all American citizens. It sets a benchmark and works towards achieving the objectives. One of the health topics that Healthy people 2020 identified is Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). It is also referred to as Heart failure; it occurs when the heart cannot pump enough blood to maintain the flow that meets the needs of the body. Several signs and symptoms are identifiable when one has the condition they include, swelling of the leg, tiredness, and shortness of breath among others.

Several factors are responsible for causing heart failure including heart attack, high blood pressure, too much alcohol use, infection among others. They alter the functioning of the heart thereby causing congestive heart failure. It manifests itself in two ways; one is the normal ejection fraction and through the dysfunction of the left ventricular. The examination of the condition is based on the history of the symptoms; the patients also need to have a physical examination to determine the presence of the failure.

Effect of the illness to the nation

The topic has been chosen due to the various factors; the condition is considered one of the fatal conditions that affect people. It is a common condition; about 40 million people were diagnosed with the illness in 2015 (Mozaffarian et al, 2016). In developed countries, chances of developing the disease increase with advancement in an individual’s age. Individuals diagnosed with the disease have a 35 percent risk of succumbing to it after one year. However, the risks decrease as the years advance. The spread of the condition is the primary reason for developing an interest in it. Seeking treatment for the diseases is expensive.

Despite the fact that this chronic illness is common to people of older age it has a serious effect on the health of the nation. The condition strains the resources of the country, almost 550,000 new infections are identified each year, and this means that more resources are devoted to the treatment of this condition, which affects other patients. The cumulative physician visits each year for congestive heart failure is approximately 11 million; it surpasses the number of visits for cancerous infections. This condition displays an exponential pattern of spread; therefore, it affects many people in the United States.


The morbidity of the condition can be explained based on the statistics available at the center for disease control (CDC). According to CDC, roughly 5.7 million grown-ups in the United States are reported to have congestive heart failure.  In 2009, one in 9 deaths was as a result of heart failure as the cause. Almost half of people diagnosed with the condition succumb to the disease within five years after diagnosis (Mozaffarian et al, 2016). The country spends an estimated cost of $30.7 billion every year to address the condition. The amount includes the cost of healthcare, medication among other expenses.


The presence of the disease in the body is often related to other heart conditions, which are equally fatal, some of the conditions include both cardiac and non-cardiac conditions. The non-cardiac conditions often complicate congestive heart failure. In older adults, they exist from one form to another (Lang, & Mancini, 2007). The comorbidities include renal dysfunction, arthritis, depression, anaemia, respiratory comorbidities among others. They alter the response to medication and can increase the severity of the disease.

Healthy people 2020 objectives

Healthy people 2020 have designed several goals and objectives about the disease. Some of the objectives include increasing the number of people who get their blood pressure checked two years from the commencement of the activities. The other objective that aims at addressing the condition is reducing the percentage of people in the US with hypertension. The population will be segmented into adults and children in addressing the issue. The other goal of the organization is to reduce the number of adults who experience heart attack within the first five years.

The organization wants to achieve the goal of lowering the number of deaths that arise from congestive heart failure. Increasing awareness of the lifestyle practices that cause the disease. Since the disease is common and many people develop it each year, the organization has the objective of mobilizing increase to access to healthcare among the patient to reduce the deaths.

In conclusion, congestive heart failure is one of the conditions that Healthy People 2020 has identified as deadly condition. The organization has created various objectives and laid plans to fight the disease. The interest in carrying out a survey on the disease is due to its chronic nature and rate of morbidity.

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