Concept Map

Concept Map: The Comfort Theory

The comfort theory of nursing was developed by Catherine Kolcaba(Kolcaba & DiMarco 2005). The theory defines comfort in healthcare as the state of being enhanced and strengthened through having all the needs of the human body taken care of. According to the theorist, the combination of identified needs, comforting interventions and their variables cause enhanced health comfort. This is however related directly to improved health seeking behavior and institutional integrity which in turn is dependent on best practices and policies. Further, the improved health seeking behavior is directly affected by internal and external behaviors and peaceful death(Jambunathan 2003).

The purpose of this paper is to explore the comfort theory and develop a concept map from the contents of this theory and the interrelationships between its concepts. The concept map for this theory is as shown in the figure below.







From this concept map, there is a clear linkage between the various concepts that build up the comfort theory (Hunter Revell 2012). For instance, there is a mutual relationship between health seeking behaviors and enhanced comfort. This implies that with enhanced comfort, there is a likelihood for positive health seeking behaviors. At the same time, positive health seeking behavior leads to enhanced comfort.

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