Computer Programming

Computer Programming

The world is experiencing quite a very important trend in the present years. The computer industry and engineering are becoming rather interconnected that none of them can exist without the other(Orosa García, 591). This paper describes the importance of computer programming as an essential discipline about its interconnectedness to engineering. The paper is guided by the thesis that the present and future of engineering depends directly on the effectiveness of computer programming and related engineering.

In the present situation of engineering, the production, and preparation of engineering plans directly make use of computerized instructions and programs. Engineers use a programming language to conduct project plans and also to understand the functionality of engines such as the manufacturing plants, rockets, and planes all that are computerized and modernized(Azemi and Pauley, 23). For an engineer to understand the work units of the modern machines, an understanding of software and programs that enable the working of the machines is necessary.

Engineers also require more than the basic programming skills. The current industry needs the engineers to design and use devices that are automatic and well-programmed. Exciting products that are in use today such as the surgical instruments and equipment, security systems and other modern appliances requires the engineers to understand and apply programming skills. It is only through such understanding that the engineers can modify, upgrade and even repair such appliances(Lee, 365).

With programming, the importance of mathematics in the provision of precise and concrete professional language that is convenient cannot be underrated. Mathematics allows programming to take shape and also provide the universally accepted language for programming and modelling (Orosa García, 593).

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