Complementary/ alternative medicine refers to health and wellness therapies that are not typically a part of conventional medicine. As such they are used alongside the conventional medicine (Kelner, & Wellman, 2014). Alternative medicine would be used instead of the conventional medicine.
Several services to patients are offered through CAM programs. These include acupuncture that is done for cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy. Acupuncture assists cancer patients in improving their quality of care by managing the side effect of Chemotherapy, which includes vomiting and nausea (Kedar, Hakimian, & Gamus, 2012). Another CAM program service includes restoration of the spinal code. In this circumstance, chiropractic is applied or osteopathy that in effect improves the symptoms and the overall patients health (Schneider, Evans, Haas, Leach, Hawk, Long, & Terhorst, 2015). Further, there is mind and body CAM that focuses on treating mental as well as an emotional status that affects the body’s functionality. They may include meditation as a therapy.
In New-York, a few CAMs exist that are of my interest. First of all, there are the traditional alternative medicines that have been accepted into the mainstream. Among them are homeopathies and naturopathy that are traditional alternative medicines. Another includes those that are meant for body manipulation to bring it back to optimum health. They include yoga that has become more popular lately.

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