Comparative Analysis of Dance Forms

A comparative analysis of Ballet, Modern and Afro-Caribbean dances offers an insight into the particular pattern of body movements associated with each genre. However, it is also worth to know that all dancing genres share a common denominator in their aesthetic effect, creativity and use of energy. Ballet dance employ creativity, moderate energy and regular body parts movement pattern (Au, 2002). A Ballet dancer turns out the legs and feet, rotates the legs at an acute angle of 90 in the hip socket. With such a position, the body takes a symmetrical shape, enhances extensions of legs higher and facilitates fast turns. The dancer executes moderate to high energy while the arms move calmly and harmoniously aligned in the face to form an attractive pattern with leg movements.

Ballet dancing requires tight costumes, bright colors and simple props to harmonize legs, arms and movement pattern. Modern dance expresses harmony with nature. Modern dancer portray a gymnastic movement of the body in a manner seemingly compatible with the mind (Au, 2002). Modern dance applies simple elements that include; arms in a far-flung position, lifted arms, ecstatic head lifting, leaps and unconstrained skips (Au, 2002). Modern dancing also exhibit flawless rhythm and strong body movement that show high energy input. Modern dance is done with unconstrained costumes, barefooted, simple, flawless tunics and employ simple lighting effects and props to shape the dancer’s movements.

Afro-Caribbean dance constitute frequent bending of legs, the feet stamping rhythmically on the ground (Sloat, 2002). Significant mobility is also noted in the torso and back providing jerks and ripples of the hips in syncopated circles of rhythms. This dance consistently bends the body forward, high energy, gestures and facial expressions characterize it (Sloat, 2002). It shows little creativity, costumes are unconstrained, lighting is moderate and propping is thorough to give extensive expression of body movement pattern.


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