coalitions-creating healthy communities coalition meeting

Coalition refers to the organizations and people that have the same interest and, therefore, agree to work together towards realizing a common goal. Coalitions are joined by individuals and organizations with a narrow area of interest or those from nearly every community segment with an aim of solving a common problem they face (Butterfoss, 95). Coalition helps in developing or influencing public policies around particular issues. Also, it aids in changing the behavior of individuals, for instance, eliminating drug use. Finally, the coalition is formed to build a healthy community in terms of its physical health, social health, and psychological health such as diversity, violence prevention, substance abuse, economic development, wellness services, and youth development among others (Bhandari et al. 58).

Individuals who should be part of a coalition include stakeholders, formal and informal helpers, community opinion leaders, and policy makers. Stakeholders are people who are significantly affected by the issue at hand, and, therefore, they ensure the success of the efforts of the coalition (Bhandari et al. 58). Formal and informal helpers carry out community functions related to the problem or issue. Additionally, the role and responsibility of community opinion leaders include influencing as many people as possible. Finally, policy makers help in adding credibility to the group and also increasing the coalition’s chance of actually influencing policies in the area of interest (Diem and Moyer, 337). The coalition is formed when there is disturbing or dramatic events in a community such as murders, when there is new information such as rising unemployment figures, when rules or circumstances change, and when new sources of funding become available (Diem and Moyer, 337).

Some of the tools or resources that coalitions can use include model commitment letter, coalition guides, State Plan Index, Plan Quality Index, potential member grid. Other tools include Coalition Effectiveness Inventory, coalition resource development plan, an action plan, a structure of the coalition, flyers and posters among others (Bhandari et al. 58).


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