Coaching: A major component of this unit is to coach someone. If you are currently in a job, the ideal person to coach would be someone in your workplace. If you are not currently in paid employment then you could approach another student or someone you know in your community of acquaintances. The second assignment requires that you prepare a Coaching Report on the development, conduct and impact of the coaching program for you as the coach and identify your key learning/s, strengths and weaknesses. Ideally you will meet with your client for a minimum of 4 coaching sessions or the equivalent of 4 hours of coaching either face-to-face or by Skype (or similar face-to-face e-package). The client (coachee) should ideally have some leadership or management responsibility and must be willing to sign a coaching contract. This contract explains that you are practicing your skills and are not a qualified coach, demonstrates the coachee’s willingness to participate in 4 hours of coaching and is needed for legal reasons by the university. I will need a copy of every contract before you commence coaching. The client potentially will gain some insight and skills to improve their performance in a work or study area. The literature does show that even if you do not do your coaching very well the fact that the client has to think about how to improve an area of their work performance moves them towards accomplishing their goal.))

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