Civil War

I wish to salute you for the emotional strength I derive from you. As it is now, I am fighting alongside the Union Army against the confederates at Bull Run. Before I joined the forces listed to intervene in this battle, I knew little about its cause. Now I know and I wish to tell you just how it started. I had a brief interaction with a helpless old man who recounted how the war started. You can’t believe it. Vested interests among political leaders from the Southern states initiated tension that ultimately brought the war. President Lincoln’s campaign promised to stop expansion of slavery elicited discomfort among the Southern states that relied on the lucrative slave business. In 1960, South Carolina and six other states ( Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas) seceded from the Union and formed confederacy in a rebellious move to protest Lincoln plan of interfering with slavery business. Upon ascending to power in 1861, Lincoln focused his policy on slavery and seven states of the South elected Jefferson Davis to advance their defiance and continue with slavery expansion to the west. President Lincoln pressed forward to override the attempts of confederates towards continued slavery. The overwhelming threat of Northern power and Southern loss in the event slavery expansion was stopped compelled Gen. Pierre Beauregard to unleash 50 cannons on Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina. The civil war had to start as the Union responded. Lincoln viewed the war as the only path to stamp the authority of the majority in a democratic spirit. In this day of 1862, I will do my best to conquer the confederate and help in rebuilding united Nation.

Since I joined this war, I have become even more motivated to fight for the Union to help stop slavery, restore political maturity among confederate leaders, and promote racial equality. I urge you to stand steadfast, as we continue this campaign, and I believe will win the battle and make America one great nation.



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