In the American History, the Civil war is a moment of historical consciousness. The civil war took place between1861-1865 and was a strong determinant of how the US was to be. After the 1776 0-1783 revolution, two fundamental issues were left unresolved.  These were; whether the US as a nation born with the declaration that all men were created with equal rights and liberties would continue being the largest slave hood nation in the world and whether the US was to be a confederation of sovereign states, dissolvable or indivisible with a sovereign government. The victory by the Northerners in this war leads to the end of slavery which was a diving factor in the US for a very long time. Additionally, it preserved the US as one nation with a sovereign government.

The uncompromising differences that existed between the free and slave states regarding the power of the national government to prohibit slavery in those territories that were not yet made states. How much necessary was this war to the American people? Was it inevitable? These are that the questions the paper interrogates as it discusses the civil war across the period between1861-1865.



 The origin of the Civil War

According to Ashworth, (2013), four significant issues existed towards the civil war. Ashworth deals with the origin of the civil war in Marxism terms. The divergence between the South and the North over slavery provided the momentum for the antagonism that would plunge America in to the Civil war. He states no slave resistance, no civil war that had an impact on the southern economy which in turn had political consequences. Slaves, unlike machines, were able to flee from their masters and listen to, consort with the groups from the south. No shift to wage labor, no civil war. If there had been no such shift would the opposition to slavery have been as broad and as potent as it was?  Antagonism between North and South, the resolution of the potential conflict in the North lay in the enunciation of certain values, which made slavery increasingly unacceptable.

However, Davidson, ( 2011) identifies two key issues raised by the process of the bourgeois revolution in the United States: how the War of Independence related to the Civil War, and whether the nature of the South made conflict unavoidable. Davidson, (2011); Ashworth, (2013), agrees that that American war was a bourgeois revolution. Davidson (2011) notes that; the Civil War was a conflict between two incompatible social systems. The issues about the war comprised slavery, where the slaves’ role in achieving abolition was more often than not dismissed. Racism discussions were also perfunctory at its best.

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