Does China have better ideas about teaching children in public schools than the United States

Education is the acquired wealth and knowledge after an individual has studied or learning particular lessons of something after some duration. For education to be passed through from one individual to another individual, there must be an instruction from one expertized individual to provide instructions. Form of the most common education takes some time of schooling for instance years and incorporates several studying several subject.

Technologically China system of education integrate technology in all the curriculum areas for instance sciences, languages in that they are able to study various languages without necessarily travelling to various countries to be taught (Carl 65). In China, the students takes most of their time using technology than the American students for example they do not even use pens for taking notes but they type notes using tablets and laptops. Chinese teachers are also technologically well-equipped than the students hence passing the right information and knowledge to the students.

Educationally China has got better results due to the different objectives, concepts and methods, the result of education shows some difference which are obvious. China children have got some characteristics which distinguish them from the American children while they are young. For instance their independent ability are very strong that is after 18 years they do not necessarily depend on their parents for example their fare to and from school, their upkeep money and may others. The children will strive and at least to enable them break the bulk. They will look for some part time job to make them earn their own bread. The Chinese students adapts easily with other people and the society as a whole and also enables the students face any challenge they face. Since they have experience from their work place and being that they are independent after 18 years, they have a lot of courage and confidence. Their school work is also better far than the Americans. In the current world, the kind of education that fits the society is the one that molds you and makes you adapt to the future nation since the future nation depends on the young generation. The development of the generation requires the creativity, knowledge, talent and activity of a man which is only brought by the Chinese education system. More people are required to pay attention to the education of the all different kinds of humanities as the civilization levels also develop. And the current society is in need of all round individuals and this is obviously brought by the Chinese system of education. It brings out a child who is ability and creative oriented in the modern society, parents prefer to attach the attention of their children to the Chinese education system to the American system. They produce students which are good not only in studying but also good in other fields unlike the American system  which are only used to passing exam which is very harmful to the mind of a child thus American system of education should reform with immediate effect.

According to teachers and students relations the Chinese students has got close relations with the teachers since the Chinese teachers are very friendly and students can easily approach their teachers and even the American professors has lighter work while in class and the professors regard everyone in the class equal. Chinese teachers have got the great passion to pass knowledge to the students and are very positive about their job, they even go ahead to allow room for questions so that the students are able to ask questions they would wish to be answered. Unlike American teachers who are very stern throughout. Their main aim is to teach students and does not allow the students to ask any question. The Chinese professors aims at educating students to find questions, ask questions, find research about the questions and they finally reach at solving the questions together. Chinese fosters creativity and usually train their children at young age by holding their hands and give them great time to train them with the necessary skills at their early age. The parents of the Chinese children always want the best for their children and they always want to see their children succeeding in life, their parents even go further and insist to take their children to private studies for almost every subject so long as they see their students prosper. Many parents are believing that many additional educational activities always have a greater advantage to their children since by getting them involved in private tuitions and extra studies equip and enable their children understand many different kinds of practical skills and knowledge and prepares them for the future for example putting their children in a better position in the future markets of the job when they become big. Rich individuals always win other people’s respect and every parent would always wish that their children becomes successful and prosperous when they grow up because these rich individuals are regarded as symbols of success. The Chinese parents also believe that they are the once who determine the prosperity of their children, they ensure that their children are very serious with studies and also that they provide conducive conditions for their children to enable their children study comfortably. It is their parent’s responsibility to ensure that the children are not able to play while in school and also while at home they are not allowed to watch televisions or even paly these common computer games such as playing stations, road rash and need for speed. Chinese teachers’ pay attention to the content of a given topic unlike the Americans teachers who only specify on the content of the topic and the Chinese students develop interest, passion and being ready to learn due to the greater passion that their teachers also have. American teachers throughout the class are ever serious.

Traditionally, the culture is always a major reason which brings about the difference in the education between the Chinese system and the American system .the Chinese system of education has got a better culture in that it emphasizes and focuses on team work and spirit and the child’s ability. They attach more attention of self-condition and normalization behavior. The parents usually encourage their children to believe in group work than being independent because engaging themselves in group work enables them to adapt to the society which is of great importance and value. Contrary to the American culture which focus on potential and creativity of an individual hence benefits only one person but not focusing on the adaptability of the society. The education system of china focuses and pays attention to the general features as they believe that the first educator is the parent and the Chinese parents always regard their children as their private assets, regarding them as their private property the parents have all the responsibility in shaping and having high opinion on molding the personality of the child and does not affect the personal building of a child (Webb, et al.61). By doing this the child is well equipped and prepared for the future unlike the American system which only attaches to the attention of the personality of a child and the Americans parents only pay attention to their own dreams and achievements avoiding the happiness of the children and their future. The Chinese system takes the child as the main subject, they respect the rights of the individuals and emphasizes equity and the child gets educated from the family and is regarded as an equal member of the family and is given every opportunity to speak out his opinion and mind. They allow the children to think for themselves freely and make independents decisions because the Chinese gives the children the respect of dignity and personality .They respects the opinion and suggestion which is given by the children hence enhancing self-respect to the children to enable them develop mentally. The parents are friendly to the children hence making them their friends not only being their parent hence providing favorable environments for their children to learn.

On the expectation of the children, the Chinese parents hope the best for their children so that they have a brighter future  and to live a happy life and be a very useful  individual to the society the Chinese education system ensures that the child is very independent and can do everything for himself unlike the American system that teaches and makes the child very independent for example in china when a child is being taught to walk, her hands are being lifted to enable her walk and she will be taught until she knows how to walk .despite the child will not be teased even if she fell and cry. Hence train them that everything is difficult and should not walk away but to face the difficult situation to enable her believe in hard work. Hence applicable in school for instance in solving a question, one should not walk away from the question without tentatively solving it. Thus Chinese students are more independen.t in comparison the Chinese student will come and tell their parents that I have enough money to enable him go for the school trip since he has been taught to be dependent in life whereas an American student will go and request some amount of money to enable him go to the trip since he is not taught the value of being dependent and hardworking (Wagner 65). The Chinese focuses on the original training of the child of being independent and believed that the skills and creativity are acquired earlier unlike the Americans who believe that the children will pick up the skills as they grow. Chinese also teach them children by hand as they believe that by doing that the level of dependency will be increased for example they let the child know the value of labor, repaired their motorcycles at an early age for themselves. Unlike the Americans children who will not be able to make the motorcycles on their own coz they believe that everything is being done by their parents.

In conclusion, it is found that both the cultural and the educational sensation are the key factors that determines a country’s cultural implication. Both the American and the Chinese systems of education have their own advantages and the disadvantages. And as the nature states, in the process of learning from a colleague’s strong points as they pick good ideas they get to a position to their weak points and rectify such areas, doing this they are pushing for a modernized educational system. In regard to this, China transform focus on human education at the expense of the talent education, and as transform restrained education to become a loose and relaxed education as they apply the scientific knowledge to bring forth better educational reforms. By going this direction, the education system in China will transform into one of the best systems in the world, this will make the Americans also to be able to learn a thing or two from the Chinese educational system (Li 54). Both China and America can be categorized in closely under one category, that is, one is viewed as the greatest developing state whereas the other is the greatest nation on the planet earth as far as development is put into consideration. Both America and China do borrow ideas from each other, that is, at some given conditions they carry out some exchange programs for their students where the Chinese students travels to America to learn new ideas and vice versa. As a result, both the stares are able to interact and share their cultural values and beliefs of their citizens.

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