childhood obesity affecting low income families

Evidence-based practice has become increasingly critical in boosting quality of healthcare services. It blends the contemporary best evidence with clinical expertise and patient’s personal values. Childhood obesity affecting low-income children is a practical case that requires application of evidence based nursing practice. The choice of childhood obesity affecting low-income children as the topic of the project is relevant in the contemporary need to make informed decisions (Brennan et al., 2014). The threat of obesity, existing literature review, and current evidence that associate it with low-income families qualifies the study as evidence-based project. Unlike research project that is exploratory and solely dependent on the past literature review and traditional emphasis on theoretical analysis, obesity among low-income families require input of patients and clinical expertise, hence EBP.

The issue that is critical in this study is the review of literature on the prevalence of obesity among low-income families as compared to high-income families. The data on the affected population will be important in establishing cause-effect relationship and possible remedial measures based on existing nursing practices and evidence (Bucknall, 2011). Besides, the risk factors of obesity that victims face, economic costs, and social losses will be an important part of the study.

This project is relevant in Evidence-based healthcare policy change. As a nursing practitioner, integration of patient values in the problem solving process improves the outcome. In respect of Obesity among low-income families, significant gains are likely to be made through evidence-based practice (Bucknall, 2011). Nursing practice is a function of extensive research on information gap, critical review of observed evidence and co-operation with patients in decision-making. The global prevalence of the obesity, pressure for scholarly research, and immediate need for interventionary measures justifies this project.

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