Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Admission Essay

It is with great interest and pleasure that I aspire to be admitted to the prestigious and well renowned TCU Nurse Anesthesia DNP program. I have acquired a number of qualifications at the time and specifically during my practice in this profession.

I have always aspired to be a nurse since my childhood and over the years, this aspiration has grown stronger and much clearer. My high school education, for instance, served a pivotal role in the development of my career. It was in this stage of my academic life that I got to map out my future in the nursing career with great precision. This was evidenced by my qualification to join the University of Mississippi. It was at the University that I finally got an opportunity to practice what I had always admired in my life. However, I was later to learn through experience that I needed more training in this field and by specifically engaging in lifelong learning.

Self-drive is one virtue which I have always embraced in my life since my early childhood. My achievements throughout the academic ladder can be attributed to this aspect. It is self-drive that has made me to choose the best company and always to identify the situations when I should deliver my best in terms of academics and in lately in the practice of my nursing profession. This has therefore served as a key to my career. I have always had it in my mind that doing things the right way will always result in victory in each of my endeavors. This trait has, therefore, enabled me to achieve great fits both in my personal life and in my social academic and political endeavors.

My organizational skills have always enabled me to meet set deadlines, to keep up with set schedules, to multitask set and achieve goals and objectives in a timely manner and without delay. My desire to learn new things has always driven me to an extent of learning things within and without the nursing profession. I also have critical thinking abilities as my personal advantages. This has always enabled me to come up with solutions during difficult situations. All this place me at a better position at a personal basis to deliver with ease the requirements of the nursing profession and by extension make me meet the minimum requirements for admission into this course.

Apart from the above personal attributes, I have always possessed other abilities and strengths which can be attested to by my academic achievements. The abilities are self-motivation, self-discipline excellent communication skills. The communication skills had always come in handy during my practice when I needed to put a point across to my juniors or seniors. I believe this skill will also come in handy for my consultation with the tutors and professors.

In the academics sector, I was able to acquire recognitions due to my participation in various societies. This is attributed to the stay I had at Mississippi University. Apart from my stint in the university, I have also acquired other honors after practicing in different facilities. For instance, I have worked as a nurse in Christ Luke’s Hospital, Sugarland, Texas. This is where I am working currently. The honors that were presented to me in the course of my practice include the following: National and state convention delegate, student nurses association which was presented to me in the year 2014, National Collegiate Nursing Award which I also  received in 2014, apart from that I was also appeared on the College of Nursing Dean’s list of 2014. Besides that, I have volunteered to the community. I am currently a member of the American Association of Critical-care Nurses, the American Nurses Association, and have acquired a fraction of the numerous honor associations.

My interest in anesthesia first began when I shadowed a CRNA in nursing school and saw the organized chaos in the room during an emergency situation. I enjoyed the role of the CRNA and how the job is a rewarding challenge. This program will help me become a substantial CRNA because it is a requirement for my DNP program which is necessary in order to obtain my Ph.D. in nurse anesthesia. This particular achievement will go a long way also in the achievement of my longtime dream of serving as a nurse as it enhances my skills and makes me deliver in a better way the services required in this practice.

Apart from the above-stated fact, my personal interest also developed as a result of interacting with the mothers in the labor words. The moral and emotional satisfaction I acquired from helping them through the pain greatly influenced my need to get an advancement in this field. My service in the intensive care unit also evoked a desire in me to learn and get used to the intricate tools and devices used in the process of saving the life of a patient. I desired to be able to handle the tools and see that life has been saved under my interventions. The emotional satisfaction from such activity would certainly be overwhelming.

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