Cerebral Palsy; the socioeconomic effects on caregivers in Ghana

Research Proposal

  • The Project Title

The socioeconomic effects of caring for children with cerebral palsy: The perspective from Ghana cerebral palsy caregivers.

  • Project Summary

Children suffering from cerebral palsy are among those that require specialized care. This research will explore how caring of these children affect the caregivers in the socioeconomic perspective. The research aims at bridging the existing knowledge gap in the fate and various concern of the caregivers. The expected outcome is that when the research is conducted in the Ghanaian setting, an understanding of these effects will be achieved and the best practice adopted to assist them. Such practices may easily be implemented elsewhere in the world based on the research evidence.

  • Project Details
    • Introduction and background

It is the duty of parents to take care of their children. However, when the children are faced with major health and intellectual challenges, a comprehensive and specialized kind of care is required (Colver et al. 2014). Children suffering from cerebral palsy are among those that require specialized care (Marrón et al. 2013). The caregiving needs of these patients are rather complicated and often affect the caregivers in various ways. With cerebral palsy, the caregiver may be required around the clock to take care of the needs of the children (Marrón et al. 2013). This has an effect on their social and economic life and must be considered in care planning and execution (Byrne et al. 2010). In most of the developed countries, the socioeconomic needs of caregivers are well addressed and professional guides provided (Nicolson et al. 2013). In Ghana, however, there is limited knowledge on their existence and their support needs.

  • Research questions

The research will aim at answering the following questions

What is the demographic differentiation of caregivers of cerebral palsy children in Ghana?

What are the challenges affecting the caregivers of cerebral palsy children in Ghana?

What are the support systems available for caregivers of cerebral palsy children in Ghana?

How does caregiving affect caregivers of cerebral palsy children in Ghana?

  • Research Aims and Objectives

The research will seek to meet the following objectives.

To understand the nature of caregiving for children with cerebral palsy.

To understand from the perspective of caregivers the nature and effects of caregiving.

To find out how caregivers of children with cerebral palsy can be assisted and supported.

  • Significance of the Research

The research will significantly contribute to the understanding of how caregivers in the developing nations can be assisted to ensure that they are not overwhelmed by their duties.


  • Theoretical Framework

The research framework will be founded on the already understood concept from sources within the professional journals including Medscape, PubMed and EBSCO Host. The selected sources must be within the topic and having been published less than five years ago so as to ensure access to credible and up-to-date information.

  • Research Plan
Stage Task  


Resource Activity by Weeks from the start of the project
  Proposal preparation  


  Sept – 17 Oct – 17 Nov – 17 Dec -17
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
  Refining Proposal                                  
  Resource Planning and Selection of Research sample/method                                  
  Conducting data collection and Analysis                                  
  Preparation of Research Report and Evaluation                                
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