Cerberus Corporation case study

Cerberus Corporation case study

  1. What I would do if I were Susan

If I were Susan I would have first inform the Facilities manager, Tom Stern, to communicate the upcoming change process to all the business units and get their reaction before tasking me with the responsibility to handle the project. I would then request that the project be moved to the next financial year of the organization so that proper budgeting and allocation of funds can be done.

  1. What Susan would have done differently

Susan would have not agreed to the decision to have the business units meet the cost of the change process. This is due to the fact that the units are in competition with one another in terms of the profits made by each one of them. The funding would have come from the main facilities budget so that the funds of individual business units are not affected. This would have resolved the resistance that she witnessed from Jon Wood.

  1. What the management would have done to manage the situation

The management through the Facilities manager, Tom Stern would have first communicated the issues to all the business units before tasking Susan with the responsibility of leading the change process. Under such circumstances, the members of the entire organization need to be involved by passing the information to every individual so that they can own up the expected changes. Communication should have been made in a two way system in which the management would have also taken some time to get the feedback of the members before moving to constitute a committee to handle the change process. Proper budgeting should be done in advance and funds set aside to address the move without having to call the business units within a short period of time to devote money for the project.

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