How Cell Phones Have Changed Communication

Advancement in technology has seen the creation of modern means of communication, one of the gadgets that have been developed for communication is the cell phone, popularly known as a mobile phone. The entry of this gadget into everyday life has interrupted the traditional communication methods and patterns. Before the invention of cell phones communication was, slow due to the methods that were in existence at that time. Some of the methods that were in existence include the use of smoke, which was convenient over long distances.

Smoke is just an example of some of the traditional methods that people used in communication. Other traditional methods include signpost, which later evolved to sending letters through messengers. The messengers were slow and therefore unfit to deliver instant messages. Information from soldiers engaging in war therefore, could be delivered through a chain of signals such as fire signal, smoke, or flag (Horst and Lange 769). The methods had several drawbacks that hindered the passing of information from one party to another.

As time moved, instant communication was needed, where one could send information and receive feedback immediately. The entry of mobile phones in one way addressed this concern. It has revolutionized the way people communicate; it has also affected everyday life. Today the mobile phones play an important role in the life of humans that goes beyond communication. Some of the notable contributions of this device in the field of communication include assisting in times of emergencies. Unlike before the invention of mobile phones people can now get help when faced with an uncertain situation, it is easy to use the cell phone in asking for help when stuck somewhere. The portable nature of the cell phones also facilitates connectivity in case one is traveling to distance places.

Mobile phones are fast and reliable; people separated by distance can have a one-on-one communication using the device. The dangers of involving third parties in the communication, like in the case of messengers are eliminated. The reliability comes in the sense that one can receive feedback immediately (Horst and Lange 769). Mobile phones have developed to accommodate all the needs of users. The entry of smartphone has introduced other functions to the initial cell phones that have enhanced communication.

The smartphones come with features such as video calls; they enable face-to-face communication with someone in a different location. This shows that one can see the other person while talking to them. Therefore, it becomes difficult for one to lie or even hide their identity. Video calls are ideal for people who work in distant places and do not have to travel home to see their family; the can have a video call and feel the experience of being with that person.

Today communication is cheap unlike before the introduction of cell phones, many cell phone manufacturers have sprung up, and this has increased the supply of cell phones in the market hence lowering the price. Many people have access to mobile phones due to the low price. Competition in the wireless communication means also assist in reducing the cost of mobile phone communication (Horst and Lange 769). However, mobile phones also come with various disadvantages not only to communication but also to human life. An example is the use of cell phones when driving is dangerous and often leads to accidents.

In conclusion, cell phones are important in today’s communication; they have brought reliability, efficiency, and affordability to the modern communication. The invention brings that stretch beyond communication.


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