Case: Kimberly-Clark Corp: Shopping for Virtual Products in Virtual Stores (Page 419)

Case Summary

The Kimberly-Clark Corp: Shopping for Virtual Products in Virtual Stores case present several very important aspects of marketing that are likely to transform the marketing and the human resource industries. First, the case present a new technology in the retail marketing that will allow retailers and researchers to understand the consumers’ behavior during shopping. Through the virtual reality technology that the company is advancing the industry, it is possible to track a consumer from the entry point throughout their shopping and understand what attracts them and the store or industrial factors that determine their shopping.

Secondly, the virtual stores presented by Kimberly-Clark Corp present a very vivid example of the general stores that are available in most of the retail outlets around the world. Understanding the behavior of consumers during shopping will allow retailers to understand how to manipulate their stores to be in line with the natural expectations of their target consumers. The technology is therefore very likely to gain popularity as many retailers will seek to adopt the technique and understand their consumers with the expectation of increasing their sales.

The third point that has been presented in the case is the business benefits of using technology. The author of the case has explored the fact that the technology itself is a new attempt by innovators to transform the retail marketing industry. Kimberly-Clark Corp is likely to make a lot of money from this technology as most of the renowned retail outlets in the world have realized that the technology is quite likely to increase their sales by giving them the information on how to attract and retain specific customers.



Case Analysis

The concepts that have been presented in this case are revolutionary for the company. This is because of three very important implication of the technology as observed from the case. First, the technology is one of a kind. This means therefore that Kimberly-Clark Corp has a real chance to become a sole provider of the service to the numerous wealthy retail outlets around the world. The implication of this is that the company is very likely to define its pricing strategy that will change its market and revenue for quite a long time.

Secondly, being an innovator, Kimberly-Clark Corp will use the opportunity to not only make economic transformation but also to improve its innovative promotion and to attract better and more advanced ideas on the same. This would then mean that the company will be able to improve its systems and come up with even better versions of them same to improve its market niche. The company can also use the same technology to understand its customers and hence improve in the process.

Thirdly, the entry into the virtual reality environment for Kimberly-Clark Corp will mean that the company will have a broader market base. The implication of this is that the company will improve its competitive position in the industry and be able to compete on a good level with other marketing and technology giants. The diversification will also help in making the company better placed in the industry.

Case Application

The above case is very important for any company that is seeking to establish itself in the market as an adopter of technology. Examples of such companies are Tesco Inc., McDonalds Inc., and Coca-Cola Co. For Tesco; the current business situation is faced with some marketing challenges including the need for live demonstrations as a way of attracting consumers. However, with virtual reality technology, it is possible to attract customers to the products of the company without the need for cost implicating procedures and demonstrations.

McDonalds Inc. has established itself as a global giant in the food industry. In most of the areas where the company exists especially in the emerging market, the majority of its customers are the youth who are fascinated by technology. Virtual reality, therefore, becomes a very imperative tool in creating live demonstrations for the customers.

Coca-Cola Co. is also a global giant. However, most of its products are currently facing massive criticism due to the growing concern for the caloric value of foods and the nutritional benefits. To change the perception of the growing number of people who are concerned, Coca-Cola as a company can adopt demonstrative explanation through the virtual marketing technology so as to prevent an impending decrease in market share.  Through this, the company not only explain itself but also have an opportunity to understand its customers.

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