Cargo Transfer

There are several areas of vulnerabilities in air cargo transfer from the production to the final destination. Criminals and terrorists are enabled by a system designed for speed and efficiency but not for security. The vulnerabilities exist because such areas are not often covered by an audible security program and terrorist can easily enter and exist in the air transfer cycle (Berrick, 2005).

The areas of vulnerability in air cargo transfer include points of access amid the extended procedure of stuffing, opportunities for the access to or substitution of cargoes. Also, there are vulnerabilities that relate to the opportunities to stow away illegal materials in compartments that are unfilled, inadequacies which are identified with reporting of information, gathering, analysis as well as the visibility framework (Thomas, 2010). Cargoes are least vulnerable to tampering when in motion or when resting but the risk is high when inspections or stuffing are being done as well as when being processed or handled which allows for the removal of parts and sending bombs disguised as other items such as printer components (Berrick, 2005). Also, there is a vulnerability in the form of inadequate knowledge; poor record keeping reduces the chances to realize any plot by security officials who are not able to notice any anomalies.  Finally, air cargo transport is faced with the inability to gather intelligence due to visibility by unauthorized parties such as easily hacked systems and intercepted communications (Thomas, 2010).

The primary concerns for securing cargo facilities include making the Transportation Security Administration directly responsible for inspections; ensuring thorough inspection of international air cargo upon arrival before transferring onto domestic flights. Also, they should properly resourcing the TSA to accomplish cargo and passenger security missions; and encouraging stronger worldwide air cargo security standards with the help of bilateral agreements (Berrick, 2005).

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