How can classroom environment positively affect the student experience?

According to scholars in research methods, the qualitative approach in research is subjective and exploratory in nature as well as systematic and is used in gaining an understanding of underlying opinions, reasons, and motivations (Tracy, 2013). It is useful in describing a phenomenon, experiences or a situation and gives it meaning. Therefore, the research methods used should focus on the perspective of people towards the phenomenon which they are well familiar with as the qualitative research helps in exploring a phenomenon from the different perspectives of the people who have an experience in the situation and hence deduce meaning from these perspectives (Tracy, 2013).

The data collection strategies that I think could be relevant for your research question “How can classroom environment positively affect the student experience?” are participant observation, in-depth interviews and focus groups (Tracy, 2013). Participant observation is relevant because it is very appropriate for collecting information on the behaviors that are naturally occurring in their usual contexts. It will be helpful in describing and explaining the relationships, individual experiences as it requires open-ended questions (Tracy, 2013). Secondly, in-depth interviews are relevant because they are optimal for gathering information on personal experiences and perspectives of individuals (Tracy, 2013). On the other hand, focus groups are relevant in collecting data because it elicits data on the group’s cultural norms to generate a broad overview of issues of great concern to the subgroup. Such methods can offer a broader range of information as well as an opportunity to seek further clarification. They provide much more detailed information because of a more relaxed atmosphere which makes respondents to feel comfortable in providing their personal experiences (Tracy, 2013).

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