Bio-archeological Analysis: Berkshire Parish

The quality of healthcare has been declining over the last decades. However, in responding to these changes in the quality of healthcare, the responsible authorities and the states have advanced appropriate measures and policies aimed at improving the quality of healthcare provision and equality to the entire human generation. The focus has been shifted to the most marginalized groups in the society who for a long time have been neglected or accorded less attention with respect to the provision of healthcare and basic medical care. This was the similar case in Berkshire Parish, where the quality of healthcare was relatively poor and below the expectation of the community. However, the local government and the state, in collaboration with other responsible authorities in Berkshire Parish have enacted and proposed legislations that are essential in improving the quality of health services and equality among the residents of Berkshire Parish. One of the campaign policies include “continuing care” which is provided to those clients who are above 18 years of age over extended time frame. This program is made available to meet the mental or physical needs of the needy persons with such mental or physical health challenges resulting from accident, illness, or disability.  This healthcare package is arranged and funded by NHS.

Over the recent years, the quality of healthcare services provided to the public especially at Berkshire Parish has significantly changed. In the earlier years, the provision of healthcare services was excellent in meeting the diverse health and medical needs of individuals in the society. However, following the changes in the economic structure and social variable in Berkshire Parish, it has been very challenging for the concerned authorities to continue providing quality healthcare to the entire population without restrain as the financial resources at the disposal of these institutions are exhausted. Therefore, over the years, the quality of healthcare provided has recorded a significant decline. The changes in the quality of healthcare at Berkshire Parish have been on the decline following changes in the surrounding economic, demographic and social factors. Some of these factors are determined by the changes in the structural institutions. On the other hand, the quality of healthcare in the region over time has significantly been declining following the changes in the global healthcare and environmental conditions. These factors have forced the relevant authorities to consider an increase in healthcare expenditure and resource allocation as a way of fostering improvement in the quality of the healthcare in Berkshire Parish. The decline in the quality of healthcare in Berkshire Parish has been a subject of discussion as it is probably linked with changes in the social and economic spheres. For this reason, it is important to investigate the relationship between the quality of healthcare provided to the public with the changes in social, economic, environmental, and demographic statistics. The decline in the quality of healthcare in Berkshire Parish was characterized by a rise in the infant mortality rate, rise in the case of chronic infections, and insufficient drop in the number of healthcare providers, a higher ratio of care providers to patients, higher cost of healthcare, and a general decline in primary healthcare services. The deterioration and deprivation of healthcare institutions was another evidence of deterioration in the quality of medical and healthcare services in Berkshire Parish.

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