BIM analysis report and reflective statement

I need an architecture writer to do this report ( USING REVIT )
Please read the brief carefully and the examples you need to have a full understanding of the area and the design I did in order to do this:

It is two parts I have completed and finish part 1 and you need to do part 2 which is the analysis and reflective statment

an overview about the assignment:

Part one ( COMPLETED)
we had to do a 3D model based in Liverpool – I made some errors on the design such as I included window on a side where is doesn’t get much light as there is another building next to it so you can use it on the report (part 2)

Part two

Test the impact of such design choice on the environmental performance of the building
use software tools to test and analyse the environmental aspect of energy use and day light.

needs to be 2 pages (A1)

first page is environmental analysis response showing the environmental performance for the building

second page reflective statment

This is an overview about the assignment I attached the brief and the examples but my design I will need to email it to you as it is a revit file

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