Betrayal and innocence

The short story “vampires in the lemon Grove” is a very captivating story with a very strong theme on betrayal innocence and ignorance. As the tittle clearly indicates, this is a story concerning a vampire fighting to live a normal life according to the rules set out by the society concerning their kind, the vampires. The story develops from the onset where we are taken through the early life experiences of Cyde when he was being faced by many challenges of handling his personality, through the love romance he had with Magreb his “wife” to the moment he finally comes to terms with his nature and takes the life of the only mortal human being who had understood him and cared for him throughout his stay at the lemon grove (Russell, 19).
Cyde, a vampire fights with his personality from the onset. His major driving force being what he heard from the people and what he read in the books. He had to act and live like a vampire. This he does by distancing himself from other humans whom he categorizes as immortal. He goes ahead to build himself his own abode, which apparently is a wooden coffin in which he hid himself throughout the day to avoid the sun rays from “killing” him as he had learnt. His taste for blood was also a major issue he had to adopt as a way of assimilating to his status of being a vampire.
However, Cyde’s difficult and lonely life took a turn for the better when he met Magreb. One of a kind who understood and embodied all the characteristics which Cyde desired. She was a vampire too. Magreb teaches Cyde the truth about their nature. She gives him the right interpretation concerning how they were supposed to behave and relate to the mortal human beings. “Didn’t you think it suspicious that you had a heartbeat?” is an instance in the story which proves it. This proves to be a tough thing in the first place but Cyde slowly but surely adapts to not drinking blood in order to quench his thirst. He also discovers that the sun could not burn him as he had always read in the books and heard from the people.
The story utilizes the theme of love and betrayal. The theme of love is clearly portrayed when we are told of how Cyde related to Magreb his “wife”. The sentence “instead of stalking prostitutes I went on long bicycle rides with Magreb” clearly indicates that Cyde enjoyed the company of his new found partner and wife. Love theme is also brought in the words “Mostly I felt grateful, aboveground feelings, I was in love.”
Apart from the theme of love we see the theme of betrayal clearly manifesting itself towards the end of the story. Fila, a seventeen year old girl who was an attendant of Signore Alberti gets involved with Cyde. She attends to him like her own grandfather and whenever she could get an opportunity, she could throw secretly some lemons. Cyde survived entirely on lemons. Fila attended to Cyde in spite of the fact that she knew he was a vampire. She attended to him like he was her own grandfather “you remind me of my nonno” her own to Cyde as an assurance that she won’t betray him to her boss. The theme of betrayal comes in when Cyde, after watching a horror movie, kills Fila who had been left alone by friends in the company of her “nonno”
The story is a life teaching experience to those who may want to entrust their lives on individuals who have been proven dangerous. The consequences are dire.

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