Bernie was born in Brooklyn region of New York State. He did his high school studies at James Madison School after which he proceeded to college in Brooklyn and later went to the University of Chicago. On completion of his studies, Sanders went ahead to become a carpenter in Vermont. It was also during this particular moment that he practiced filmmaking.

The early political and leadership role played by Bernie was when he was elected as a mayor for the Burlington city. In his capacity as a mayor, he helped bring about a myriad of changes which catapulted the city to the forefront and thereby enabling it to be categorized as one of the best small cities in the region. It was also under his leadership as a mayor that the city made a huge progress in terms of providing services to the residence, championing of the rights of the underprivileged like the women and the youth. He also ensured that fair practices of taxation were utilized in order to avoid victimizing one group of people. Nature conservation through environmental protection was also a priority of his leadership (Sanders, 2011).

Sanders was able to progress politically from being a mayor to a senator. All this was a direct reflection of his personality of being of service to the society and championing for the rights of minority groups. In the congress, Bernie was very vocal to an extent that he was branded as the face of the opposition. His contributions were mainly in terms of fighting for the rights of the working class and speaking against draconian policies which were bent on increasing the gap between the rich and the remainder of the population whose majority fell on the ever shrinking middle class. He was labeled as “amendment king” due to the achievement he made by being the congressman who passed the most amendments in the house.

During the entire of his stint at the congress, he worked relentlessly around the clock to ensure that services to the citizens were provided. In respect to this, he participate in the brokering of some deals which were to the service and advantage of the American citizens. Washington’s partisan divide is one such instance in which Sanders provided is skills in the arbitration of this case successfully (Sanders, 1997).

Bernie Sanders came to the limelight recently courtesy of the ongoing presidential campaigns in the US. This is the moment that most people got to know about this great individual called Sanders. It is clear from the votes he has garnered in the primaries that this is the darling of the people and that he has what it takes to be a leader.

In terms of followership, Bernie has demonstrated that he is an obedient and focused leader and that he is up to the task. Right from the moment he was elected into is first leadership position to the moment he was in the congress, we observe the gains in terms of progress and the changes which have been effected during his tenure. Positive results can rarely be attributed to an individual who does not respect those in authority. This is basically due to the fact that one cannot work in isolation but rather in harmony with the individuals who are above him or her in terms of leadership (Tasini, 2015).

The democratic leadership chapter of the congress for instance allocated Bernie a duty of caucus’ ranking member on the budget committee of the senate. This was both a duty and a form of recognition from the democratic wing of the congress. Bernie’s choice to follow the commands of the people in leadership just indicates is maturity in terms of leadership.

Bernie’s outgoing personality is an indicator of his good follower skills. This means that he can consult other people in authority and thereby improving his leadership skills and establishing of a good working environment in the leadership arenas.

Apart from outgoing personality we also see his dedication to the service of the citizens, more specifically the underprivileged and the oppressed in the society. He has dedicated himself to be a voice to the voice less in the society. His role in the different leadership positions have helped endear him to this fact which is a pointer to his perfect if not good follower skills. An outgoing personality will ensure that such an individual may not be difficult to approach as he or she will be quite approachable. Moreover, the individual will have the driving force to associate with other individuals on a closer basis thereby promoting good leadership skills. Courtesy of being in touch with the people on the ground and being able to address their concerns.

Sanders, however, needs to make a change towards the way he is approaching the issue of economical inequalities. His campaign for presidency is largely dependent on how he will handle dissenting voices of “black lives matter” activists. They are already questioning his way of handling such issues with an argument that this may not do enough to address structural racism. This is the type of rot which has been witnessed in the county’s institutions like the judiciary and the police department. This issue is quite decisive in Sander’s race towards the white house as he has always regarded himself as a champion for the voice less and the minority groups in the society (McNowski, 2002).

The fact that he could come up with a campaign organ to facilitate him in this year’s presidential campaigns, directly indicates that he is a team leader. Being a team leader is an indispensable trait in those individuals yearning to develop good follower skills. In being a good follower, one tends to gain a lot as the people in the leadership positions or those who are ahead in general, they tend to have a lot of experience pertaining that field. Therefore, when one cultivates a good relationship with them, they are assured of getting the right advice which will go a long way in fostering of their leadership capabilities.

Sanders is an individual with a huge potential and likelihood of getting elected to the white house. All this is attributed to the well-developed leadership skills and traits which he has been horning since his first post in leadership which was the mayoral position. His personality too has helped endear him to the people who are the major decision makers in terms of choosing leaders. All this factors put together will see to it that whatever sanders began in Burlington city as a mayor will be transformed to the whole country courtesy of the position of presidency in the eventuality that he is elected.

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